Your Sort Guide to Sentiment Analysis

03-03-2020 by Darina Borushko

Sentiment analysis — the process of examining texts for opinions and feelings with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) — gains in popularity with more and more applications appearing to unleash its potential. From providing businesses with insights on how people feel about certain products, topics or advertisements...

Guardian Australia Published Its First Automated Article Using AI

06-02-2019 by Dmitri Koteshov

The future has already come. On February 1, 2019, the world's first article, written entirely by a robot, appeared on the website of the Australian version of The Guardian. The robot called ReporterMate (sounds pretty much Aussie-like, huh?) was created by The Guardian journalist Nick Evershead along with a group...

AI in Marketing: The Power of Recommendation Engines

19-06-2018 by Dmitri Koteshov

Although the speed of AI adoption among consumers may be a bit lower than expected, it is already transforming the way they experience the world of customer service. The algorithms within the system are able to process the vast amounts of data created every instant and use it to make...