Elinext Group Rolls out New Streamlined Help Desk System

2013-08-05 by Marina Astapchik

Elinext Group, an international alliance of software development companies, today unveiled its new Help Desk solution that can be customized for use both on-premise, in the cloud, and on mobile platforms May 20, 2013. Elinext Group, a globally-acting provider of IT services and solutions, today announced the release of its…


Elinext Group Enables Business Leadership with Mobile ERP

2013-07-20 by Marina Astapchik

The development of ERP solutions and business applications for mobile platforms is on the agenda of Elinext Group, an international alliance of software development companies May 30, 2013. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is constantly evolving. In addition to on-premise and cloud-hosted systems, mobile ERP solutions play an increasing role…


Cloud ERP Software Solutions under Scrutiny of Elinext Group

2013-07-19 by Marina Astapchik

Elinext Group, an international custom software development company, explores Cloud ERP to provide advanced companies with flexible solution that avoids high capital investments June 13, 2013. Cloud ERP is an approach that puts to use cloud computing platforms instead of costly remote-access software and allows to access real-time data from…


Elinext Group Taps into the Market of Tier II and Tier III ERP Solutions

2013-05-19 by Marina Astapchik

Elinext Group, a global provider of software services, taps into the market of ERP solutions for mid-size companies and small businesses May 7, 2013. Elinext Group, an international alliance of IT companies, is now offering ERP software development and customization services to mid-size and small businesses. For many years, Elinext…


Prospects of Frontend Development Discussed at Frontend DEV Conf’13

2013-05-01 by Marina Astapchik

The first conference for frontend developers was held on April 20, 2013 in Minsk. Two attendees from Elinext Group shared their experiences of taking part in the event April 22, 2013. The first and the largest conference for frontend developers Frontend DEV Conf ’13 was held on April 20, 2013…