Automated Testing of an Online Website Translation Platform
Automated Testing of an Online Website Translation Platform
Commerce and Shopping
Engagement model:
Dedicated Team
10 Years (Ongoing)
18 Test Analysts (including Manual Test Engineers, Automation Test Engineers and UAT Test Engineers)
Technologies used


A New York-based provider of language and translation-related technologies with 90 offices around the world and over 2,000 employees on board.


In 2007, the customer commissioned Elinext to perform ongoing full-cycle QA and testing of their product – a proxy-based website localization software, available in cloud and on-premises versions. The software allows creating and managing multilingual websites while reducing project management efforts and IT dependencies on the end-client side.

Among the main challenges there were:

-  A lack of technical documentation -  No clear vision of QA and testing processes on the customer side -  No strategy for product quality improvement


1. Testing areas

Elinext built a team of QA and testing specialists that would set out for continuous verification and validation of the product in the following areas:

-  Functionality -  Performance -  Load -  Stress

-  Security -  Reliability -  Installability -  Compatibility

2. Strategy

The project team sat down together with the customer’s stakeholders to analyze the customer’s needs and find ways to improve the product quality within the development lifecycle and beyond. Upon a thorough study of the system and delivery processes, the team came up with an elaborate QA and testing strategy to facilitate and streamline both testing and bug-fixing.

3. Automation

Elinext was instrumental in integrating testing automation into the development process, which enabled delivering consistent releases faster while accommodating the growing demand for customizations among end clients.

For each new product feature, Elinext’s QA engineers worked closely with the development team to prepare test documentation and then got to write test automation within a 2-week sprint.

Throughout the 1.5 years of integrating testing automation in the project, the team automated over 2,000 test cases out of 2,900 in total.


Cooperation on this project is still ongoing (9 years so far), with Elinext’s QA and testing team ramping up to 18 experts at peak times. The team helped the customer to ensure that their software can flawlessly translate websites written in any programming language and deliver the result across all browsers.

This award-winning solution now powers 1,500+ websites of 350+ clients, including The United States Postal Services, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Starbucks, Hilton, and Puma.

Technologies and Tools

Jenkins, Allure, TestNG, Selenium, Apache Maven, TestLink, Java

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