Web Application for ICO Investments and Management

Business challenges:

Our client wanted to provide its users with an opportunity to participate in their ICO campaign in a fast and convenient manner. The idea behind the solution wrapped around an efficient and automated web application with an extended admin panel allowing clients to easily manage their investments.

Our solution:

The solution represents a full-featured web application powered by a variety of advanced technologies. The use of Material-UI – the world’s most popular React UI framework – makes the application easy to navigate and use. As for the server side of the application, it is independent and sticks to the REST-based architectural style so the application may support any platform (mobile, desktop etc.) in the future.

The solution has a real-time synchronization with both Ethereum and Bitcoin-based blockchains. Users can transfer money directly to their wallets making them appear live on the dashboard. It also supports the referral system within the ICO:  bonuses for people who registered by the referral link or provided it for someone else.

Order management dashboard

Users can:

  • create orders in any currency (ETH, BTC) or delete pending ones;
  • track transactions that are synchronized with both Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains and wallets specified by the user;
  • manage and monitor referral campaign;

Admin panel

Owners can:

  • manage users (get full information for further edits);
  • manage and monitor referral campaigns;
  • manage orders (delete pending orders);
  • monitor transactions;

Specific features

The main challenge for our developers consisted in the creation of a web application which allows the synchronization with both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Besides, the solution automates most of the operations and offers an easy-to-use interface.

Business benefits

The outcome of the project is a modern automated web application as it provides a convenient management system of all investments within a user-friendly interface. The referral campaign helps in attracting new users and has an elaborate interface with the blockchain synchronization.



Region: the USA

Industry: Financial Services

Type: Web

Engagement model: Fixed Cost

Duration: 5 months

Staff: 3 person