Type: Web development

Website: tuttidare.org

Requirements: The charitable organization Tuttidare needed a website designed to bring together donors, volunteers, nonprofits, businesses and merchants within an online environment.

Challenge: The major challenge of the project was to combine a professional looking website (user-friendly interface and attractive design) with social networking services and functionality. The system had to be intuitively understandable for even first-time visitors, because the audience of the website was expected to be inexperienced users of every age and background.

Solution: To achieve the required results we decided to use in this case a dedicated team model. Working with the customer very closely allowed us to create the website that meets all the needs of the customer in the best possible way. The integration of a social network platform into the site enables visitors to communicate effectively with each other.


As a result the Elinext developers created a professional-quality website which is a charity social network. The website offers a wide range of services for registered users:

  • Meeting/engaging of like-minded users locally and nationally
  • Tracking of activity, gifts and events
  • Searching for volunteer opportunities
  • Providing of donation processing
  • Reading blogs on donation trends and volunteering
  • Webinars




Region: USA

Industry: Charity organizations

Type: Web

Engagement model: Dedicated team

Duration: 9 months

Staff: 2 developers and 1 project manager



I have been working with Elinext for over two years now on a new cloud application. Having been in the Software industry for over 20 years, I am impressed by the project control, requirements management and the ease which we can sustain an agile development project.

Aaron Gray