Patient Portal for Healthcare Company
Patient Portal for Healthcare Company
Engagement model:
Fixed Cost
18 months
1 team lead, 2 developers
Technologies used
Angular 7

Project Background

The project is the fully automated Patient Portal that provides access to a patient's medical exam history.

The client is a healthcare company that provides enterprises with useful software for medical and administrative procedures.

The Initial Task

Elinext was addressed with the task to design the product-patient portal for hospitals in Canada, Australia, and other countries. It should have been a cross-platform software with an exceptional usability level for the hospital’s administration, doctors, and patients.


The main goal was the highest level of security and correspondence to all the legal requirements of HIPAA, PHI, and other regulations across multiple countries the users.

Patients’ private information should be kept at the servers of the country of their residence (relevant for Canadian and Australian residents), so our developers had to master Amazon Web Services (AWS) and cloud technologies to make the solution meeting these requirements.

The client’s emphasis was on great usability that would favorably make the cloud solution stand out from similar software.

Solutions and Features

The fully functional website covers all the needs of hospital employees and patients.

The portal provides full access to patients’ medical exams from desktop and mobile devices.

The software has built-in cloud storage and image viewer that allow having high-resolution images at the doctor’s disposal for diagnostical purposes.

The high-security level and guarantees full protection of PHI. Our client hired an independent subcontractor to take security penetration tests. Zero security breaches were found.

Usability was the top priority of the client. After a substantial piece of work dedicated to this matter, we had the results that satisfied our client and its focus groups.

The website style has flexible configurations and is able to conform to each tenant's branding.

Special attention has been paid to the performance and testing. It easily scales up to millions of users and guarantees high availability and zero downtime during the deployment.

The application is built on utilizing a modern serverless stack of technologies and runs on the AWS cloud platform.


There are four kinds of users at the portal:

  • Tenant
  • Admin
  • Clerks
  • Patients

Each user type possesses a range of functions that differentiates its group from others. Tenants have super admin functions that include branding, selecting functions for other groups, etc.

Admins can designate clerks, clerks do not have the power to administrate, users tagged as “patients” have access to their medical exams.

The solution is extremely scalable, it is able to scale up to millions of users at a time.

It was a real challenge to grasp all the concepts of AWS for meeting PHI requirements, and Elinext developers stood up for these challenges to deliver the high-quality end product with the help of the latest up-to-date technology stack.

The project is completed and software has already gained a significant number of medical facilities in Canada, Australia, and other countries. It is ready for future expansions.

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