Healthcare Analytics Tool for US Сlinics
Healthcare Analytics Tool for US Сlinics
Engagement model:
Time & Materials
2 years
4 people
Technologies used

Measure Management & Administration (MMA) is a health analytics tool for ACO administrators to build quality measures. It is seamlessly integrated with existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software to help providers manage performance-based contracts, rapidly improve quality reporting measures and enable proactive patient care.


Elinext team took over the project that had been previously developed by other vendors using outdated technologies and UIs. Our main tasks were:

  • to rebuild the tool from the ground up using the latest PHP technologies;
  • to design user-friendly UIs;
  • to encapsulate and reduce the complexity of querying healthcare data;
  • to provide comprehensive measure reports and data visualization;
  • to comply with security and HIPPA standards throughout all design and development processes and decisions;
  • to make the app that is able to scale horizontally (by adding more servers) or vertically (by increasing hardware capacity or software efficiency).


Elinext team developed the web application based on the Yii 1.1.15 framework with a custom data access model that allows for querying a large amount of patient data. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Rich UI based on jQuery and D3 library for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers.
  • Modular multi-tier architecture of AWS instances, which isolates the complexity of integration, presentation, and business logic from each other in order to allow for the easy integration of new technologies and processes within the application.
  • The combination of role-based access control and data access control.
  • The logging system provides “who-did-what” info to monitor activities that relate to individual health information.
  • HTTPS data transmission ensures the integrity of health information as it passes through intranets, extranets, and the Internet.

Specific features

Measure Builder allows a user to build health quality measures via step-by-step UIs. Denominator specifies the number of patients to be considered in the measure (ex: Patients 18-75 years old) Denominator Exception specifies patients that are excluded from the Denominator based on specific criteria (ex: Patient is terminally ill). Numerator specifies patients that are evaluated for the care delivered. (ex: Was fall screening performed OR Was vaccination provided or offered). Numerator Exception runs AGAINST those patients that were IN the Denominator and FAILED the Numerator. Measure Scheduler allows the user to build health quality measures for the specified time range.


As a result, the customer has got a fully functional health analytics tool that covers all the needs of querying complex healthcare data. No longer do they need to worry about complex queries. They can simply drag and drop objects into query builder and the tool will do all the hard works. The tool also allows a user to produce periodic data for performance reports by scheduling measures that they built to run daily, monthly, yearly. All measured data is visualized in the measure dashboard and on the measure detail page providing a multifaceted view of hospital operations.

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