GoldStar WordPress Plugin

Type: Web development

Requirements: Elinext together with Silicon Valley Creates consulted GoldStar company on extending the target audience by attracting bloggers who use popular CMS.

The main requirement was to develop a plugin with the following features:

  • Provide capabilities to find, display and filter events
  • The events should be loaded using GoldStar API
  • The plugin should follow WordPress standards, should be easy to install and use
  • Sorting filters should have the following options: category type, geographic area, date (or date range), price (or price range)
  • Users should have a capability to configure the plugin easily via an admin panel
  • Client/partner plugin setting options should include: territory selection, listing order selection, filter selection (allows client to control which drop menu filters are available to end users)

Challenge: One of the challenges on this project was to develop a flexible, attractive and user-friendly UI which can fit any theme. The plugin design should have “style-independent” view and render properly on all popular browsers and devices including mobile and tablet screens.

Solution: Elinext and Silicon Valley Creates used modern front-end techniques and design approaches to implement a very flexible plugin UI. With the use CSS Media Queries the plugin can be rendered correctly on all types of devices.

Results: As a result the plugin was released in time and published in official WordPress Plugin Directory: The plugin works properly in all the popular browsers. The customer had expected to have about 500 downloads in the next 2 years but it reached 200 downloads just within one month. The plugin is being supported and planned to be updated with more features.




Region: Worldwide

Industry: IT

Type: Web

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 1 month

Staff: 1 PHP developer, 1 UI developer