3-tier ERP and Payment Processing Solution
3-tier ERP and Payment Processing Solution
Financial Services and Banking
Engagement model:
Dedicated team
2011 - till now
4 server, 2 Android, 2 iOS developers
Technologies used
Web Forms
Web Services

The project included the development of the ERP system for tracking transactions and objects related to them, client and administrative web applications + API for mobile platforms.


Elinext took over the development of the old payment processing system written on Visual Basic with excessive data in the database, and functionality insufficient to the changing needs. The challenge was to build a new accounting system combined with the functionality of the classic ERP that allows for everything from payment processing to tracking of goods and customer info, warehousing management, report building, and simple tax calculation. Each of the modules had to be scalable and subject to adding new fields and features upon the customer’s request.


The solution included 3-tier module architecture:

1st tier – for system owners;

2nd tier – partners (banks, financial institutions, financial services providers);

3rd tier – merchants (shops, businesses).

The main ERP Core allows for easy change depending on the variety of business and customer needs and may include the following features:

  • Payments processing (Cash, Check, Credit Card)
  • Quote-Invoice-Receipt workflow
  • E-Signature
  • Product/Services management
  • Inventory Items management
  • Categories/Subcategories
  • Customer support
  • Reports and dashboards
  • PDF generation
  • Re-occurring payments support
  • Scheduling
  • Merchant-Customer communication
  • Tax management
  • Order management
  • Discount management

Moreover, our team developed the API for mobile platforms, with several apps built on top of this:

Credit card payments – the application to accept credit card payments through a card reader connected via Bluetooth to a smart device with the option to create and process quotes, invoices, transactions, inventory items, customers, and more.

Ticketing – the application for creating fare groups, classes, time periods for different tickets (from bus tickets to concert), purchasing and activating them.

Tax collection – the application for tax collectors and taxpayers was created for the African street merchants to allow them to assign taxes and collect money.

Rental app – the application for landlords to collect money from their renters.

Airport security check – the application that allows security officers to scan checkpoints, stores statuses and time, and sends alerts. The work is considered completes if all checkpoints are scanned along the route.

Specific feature
  • Unique proposals based on customer behavior analytics

For example, when a customer buys a ticket at the bus terminal and enters their telephone number, they get a link where they can download an app or get an SMS. Thus each transaction will be recorded which allows the system to analyze the customer behavior and generate custom proposals for the customer (daily ticket, monthly tickets, etc.)


  • Elinext improved  the speed and the performance of the system and implemented newer and better technologies
  • The solution was integrated with  VISA, MasterCard, World Wide Axcess Canada, and other payment solution providers which expanded the target client outreach.
  • The system was so successful that the major Canadian bank purchased it for further development.
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