Trendify Photo Voting App

Type: Mobile development

Requirements: Elinext Group’s priority task on this project was to implement native iOS application for photo sharing with possibility to apply simple photo filters, push notifications, add photo rate feature. For version 2.0 there were planned more features like text chat, Facebook feature, user accounts, social sharing. During development process also was prepared API part and admin panel for easy system management.


  • Code had to be written in Objective-C;
  • User Experience had to be native and user-friendly;
  • Fully custom base app navigation;
  • Deep PUSH notifications integration includes opening different goal pages for different types of notifications;
  • Text chat feature.

Solution: Elinext Group responded promptly and released on time mobile application that is a community of photo sharing.

Results: The iOS application were implemented, tested and successfully submitted to the App Store. Update to the new iOS 9 were smooth and absolutely invisible for the end users.




Region: Worldwide

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 6 months

Staff: 2 iOS developers, 1 web developer

Platforms: iOS