QPR Store App

Type: Mobile development.

Requirements: This application provides information about stores and there reports. It allows user to look through all available templates, and make new report for selected store.

Challenge: The main challenge for our BlackBerry developers was to implement POST request to server side. Also it was very hard open Internet connection using BIS. There were some problems with internal gallery.

Solution: Our team solved problem with POST request using native multipart/form data. Problem with BIS was solved by using specific postfix. Problem with gallery was solved by using “ZoomScreen” from” net.rim.api” in BlackBerry, and using ActivityForResult in Android.

Results: The development project outcome is an application for Android, BlackBerry and iOS based devices. Application provides with next functionality:

Main divides into four tabs:
a. Templates.
b. Stores.
c. Submitted Reports.
d. Saved Reports

Template screen:

  • Template description.

Stores screen provide:

  • Search.
  • List of stores.

Saved Report screen provide:

  • List of saved repost and info about it;

Submitted Reports provide:

  • List of submitted reports allow user to view all questions and their answers that were in this type of report and also provide the ability to view photos that were attached to this report.




Region: North America

Industry: IT

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Time and material

Duration: 2 month

Staff: 4 developers

Platforms: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Java