Plant Control App


According to the customer’s requirements Elinext was to come up with a solution aimed at facilitating the process of care for flowers and develop a proper mobile application for iPhone/iPad operating system. Elinextwas issued a challenge to design 6,000 Database with Multilanguage records, perfect from performance point of view graph views which will be updated in real time.


Among some of the challenges Elinext developers had to face several key functions should be mentioned, which were supposed to form the basis for users’ convenience. First challenge was to have optimized work with Database of flowers which has over 6,000 different plants. Developers created special cash mechanism which collects plants by timestamp from the web server. Second challenge was to have productive graph view of all real time parameters which came from the Hawaii Power Flower sensor by Bluetooth Smart (BLE version 4.0 ) Protocol. To solve these problem developers integrated OpenGL plan view into the app to have less performance losses.


To guarantee fast app reaction, a custom localization library was implemented. More than 7,000 combinations had to be validated and presented in the right format after just one swipe on the screen. As a result, the application processes all the valid combinations on the fly and presents all of them to the user practically instantly and in the right language.


The final product obtained as a result of the development process was a Multilanguage mobile application for iOS “Plant Control”. This iPhone/iPad app allows composing a personalized garden manager who helps to manage all plant in your personal iPhone. Make standardized text (email or SMS) in a few simple gestures. Only by «swiping» a finger on the screen, the user can compose a personalized text from «pre-written» sentences.

The application encompasses the functionality as follows:

  • Personal Garden;
  • To Do list for different plants;
  • Large Plan DB with excess information about the plants;
  • Possibility to manage connection with different “Flower Power” sensors;
  • Settings;
  • Live mode and History graphs.


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Region: France, USA, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Russia, China, Spain

Industry: IT

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Dedicated team

Duration: 6 months

Staff: 1 iOS developer

Platforms: iOS


The Parrot team is very proud of Elinext’s development, validation, design and management teams for their involvement and willpower to carry out the projects that Parrot entrusts to them. Let’s keep up the good work in 2013 with more exciting, attractive and innovative projects!

Guillaume Pinto
CTO & Program Manager, Parrot