LingJob App for Freelancers
LingJob App for Freelancers
HR and Recruiting
Engagement model:
Fixed cost
1.5 month
2 developers
Technologies used
custom UITableView


Elinext has taken up a task to develop mobile application for freelancers, and people who are looking for unique text works in such categories as science, sport, technical texts, CVs, etc. and translations into different foreign languages. The main task was to develop mobile application with intuitive user interface which would allow to make a request for a text translation, or for writing technical text. For freelancers it should be easy way to make money on what they can do well.


Elinext  team had to develop reliable system to carry out payments for the works. PayPal was chosen as a payment system, because it's reliable system that has proved its reliability worldwide. With the help of this mobile application the customer can buy one of the subscription fee in the amount of: 1.99, 3.99, 5.99, ..., 200 euros. After its purchasing, the money remains in the LingJob client account, and can be spent through the mobile app as well as through the website.


The payment system has been successfully implemented in this application.The transaction was verified in the PayPal system to ensure its safe delivery. The system of placing orders for the text work or the translation also has been successfully implemented. A lot of beautiful smooth animations have been added in LingJob to make its usability more pleasant. Its user interface is made ergonomically, allowing you to place the request just in a few clicks.


The final product is an application which allows freelancers and people who are searching articles or translations easily contact each other. The iPhone application "LingJob" is provided with the following functionality:

  • Users can choose articles according to a certain category;
  • Users can select articles connected to the certain area;
  • Users can order translation of any text;
  • Users can attach files of different types: text files or images;
  • After freelancers publish ready texts, users can select an appropriate article at a reasonable price;
  • Freelancers can write an article or translation, and independently assess their work;
  • Users can securely pay for your favorite work with PayPal system.
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