iPad App Developers Make Real Estate Brokers Closer to International Rich Clients

Marina Astapchik
Digital Content Manager
August 31, 2012

Nowadays, many consumers take advantage of Apple products or wish to get them. No wonder that Apple Inc. is selling as many iOS-enabled devices (iPads, iPhones, MacBooks and iPods) as cars that are sold by car traders worldwide. As a result, Apple is one of the most successful IT businesses in the world. To be precise, only in 2011 the corporation's sales volume amounted $128 billion, which is more than the GPD of 160 nations worldwide.

At the same time, the real estate industry is one of the most dominant sectors in every economy that generates billions of dollars annually. Today, real estate providers have to incorporate the Internet into their businesses, making use of benefits of the information revolution and tech boom in order to stand out among all the other competitors. It’s vitally important for real estate agents and brokers to be able to propose their services in multiple ways. What is even more important is that rich people and prosperous clients enjoy benefits of the technological progress.

Providing VIP costumer services, every real estate agent should understand what is of real value to a VIP person. When we speak about affluent customers, it’s of high priority to realize that positive image and time saving are the most important things for them. No wonder, the majority of high achievers prefer to use their iPad as image enhancer and time-saving business tool. Thanks to the extensive choice of iPad mobile applications, this device provides on-the-go users with ceaseless Internet connection, making their activities mobile and ubiquitous, and expanding their possibilities. The following facts delivered by the Interactive Advertising Bureau clearly prove this idea:

  • 98% of Americans with an annual income of $100,000 or more use the Internet;
  • 33% of Americans with an annual income of $100,000 or more own a smartphone;
  • Nearly 40% of the top 100 brands in the UK have a mobile-optimized website.

In so doing, the most reasonable question for a real estate provider is how to get the most out of the iPad for the real estate business attracting new VIP customers. The apt response is to take advantage of iPad applications for the real estate industry. Let’s have a look at the most successful functionalities that an iPad application developer can offer to real estate brokers in order to get things done faster and better:

  • Electronic signature: this beneficial feature gives the possibility to capture signatures on the spot and enables real estate brokers to sign contracts with their clients wherever they are. Using this function, a real estate agent can save a lot of time, money and increase revenue.
  • Dashboard about a real estate agency: be ready to find your next VIP client collecting data about potential customers that visit your open houses, and communicating with them thanks to this information gathering tool.
  • Time-organizer: such an assistant as time-organizer will help a real estate broker start new projects light-heartedly. Everything you need is to point out a workflow template and you will have a list of tasks on your calendar in a while.

UPC iOS application, the real estate data management tool, may serve as a good example of how the iPad can help real estate agencies become more effective and communicate with mobile clients. Worked out by Elinext Group’s specialists, this business instrument includes a QR code reader, geolocation, dashboard interface that enables users to upload, format, target, push-out or share videos of properties as well as other useful features. Learn more details about the UPC case study.

Without doubt, there has already been developed a stunning number of useful mobile apps that enable your iPad to solve numerous problems and do big business. However, every business has its own specific features and not always general functions of an iPad application can suit your business. In this case, a professional app developer is able to implement any idea into reality by creating the iPad application your business really needs.

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