Universal Property Code: Mobile App for Real Estate
Universal Property Code: Mobile App for Real Estate
Real Estate
iPhone, Android
Engagement model:
3 months
2 developers
Technologies used
C Object
ADO.NET Entity Data Model


The customer wanted the Elinext team to develop a website and a mobile application for real estate data management.

The main requirements were as follows:

  • A website with property listings featuring all the vital details;
  • Quick and full access to the website content using the mobile application;
  • Data encrypted in QR code.


The main part of the project was the development of the web portal for real estate agents: The core functionality included:

  • Personal registration for realtors and other users;
  • User details uploading;
  • Ability to link to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social connections.;
  • eCommerce storefront;
  • QR code generator;
  • QR code reading;
  • PDF label of QR code box for advertising sign.

Mobile Application for iOS and Android features the following functionality:

  • Geolocation;
  • Display of the relevant information: images (2-3 per property listing), contact information, saved addresses, homes for sale, property listings;
  • “Dial-to / sms contact realtor” feature ;
  • Functionality to upload, format, and target, push-out, and share the videos of the properties.

The mobile application was based on QR code scanning, and the main challenge was to load the information from the website as fast as possible. Our development team suggested encoding only the individual number of the property listing in the QR code, the rest information was loaded from the website, which made the whole process much faster.

To enable users to get access to the site without a mobile application, the developers decided to use zXing – a barcode scanner that is natively included on most mobile phones.

After the user takes a picture of a QR code, zXing scans it and redirects to the website where they can download our application.


Our team delivered a fully functional web portal and mobile application to provide instant access to the information on properties’ facilities, such as size, price, number of bedrooms and baths, etc. by scanning QR codes. The scanned universal property code can be immediately updated by the real estate agent to deliver the most current information.

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