Vacation Rentals Guide App

Type: Mobile development

Requirements: The initial requirement was to develop a mobile application with a convenient and modern UI for people who want to get information about French hotels, flats, shale in the mountains, open beautiful places/regions in France. One of the requirements was to have possibility to see all the photos and possibility to reach/contact owner or to rent the place directly. Integration with Social Networks is included to share liked places to your friends.

Challenge: There were a number of challenging points such as:
– Implementation of asynchronous data retrieves from web server to have fast arrangement of UI in mobile application
– Custom Map implementation for both platforms
– Developers had to integrate several third-party systems and API for such features as comments, etc.

Solution: To guarantee fast app reaction and rapid UI view developers made organized work on low level with threads management on C++ (semaphores, critical sections). To implement custom map we found special third-partly SDK which is implemented on C/C++ and has better performance in comparison with standard maps which are included in iOS/Android phones, therefore it has less functionality.

Results: The final product obtained as a result of the development process was a French mobile application for iOS and Android “PAP VACANCES – Location de vacances de particulier à particulier”.

The application encompasses the functionality as follows:

  • PAP VACANCES application is compatible with iOS6-7 and above and works over all generations of iPhones and iPads also it is compatible with Android 4.0 and above and works over all generations of Android Tablets
  • PAP VACANCES application has 5-pages tutorial which helps to understand the application promptly
  • PAP VACANCES has “Facebook-style” menu where user has convenient possibility to navigate the application and rule of “2 clicks” to get the screen is used
  • Users are able to select from pre-coded categories type of rest they are looking for
  • Users can get all information about the place (photos, description, comments from other users) to have a choice whether they want to visit this place
  • Users can share information about the places via social networks installed on the phone
  • Users can post a comment about the place for others
  • Users can add favorites places to their personal list and review them later
  • Users can see places on the map along the whole
  • Transitions between screens are “slides” or “fade”


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 20.30.22
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 20.30.31


Region: France

Industry: Travel

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 1 month

Staff: 1 iOS developer,1 Android developer

Platforms: iOS, Android