Introduced in 2010, Windows Phone is storming ahead across devices unseating other operations systems from their thrones at the smartphone market. User-friendly interface, exceptional design, simplicity of use and consistency across devices, followed by Microsoft support services make Windows Phone a full range solution spanning across mobile, cloud and desktop.

Elinext Group has been working with Windows Phone for a good while. That is why our developers have already learned its pitfalls and know how to add best value possible to our customers’ businesses. However, being early adopters of Windows Phone, we definitely know that self-satisfaction here can lead to a downfall. At Elinext, developers are taking notes of all the upgrades and latest trends of Windows Phone to deliver up-to-date expert level Windows Phone applications to our customers.

Thus, Elinext is proud to provide our customers all the strengths of version 10. With Windows 10 apps from Elinext, our customers can enjoy a functional personal assistant, solid notification center, first-rate hardware support and an excellent keyboard. Please, feel free to browse the relevant case studies by Elinext Group.

Customer-oriented project management in alliance with deep expertise are the two cornerstones of Elinext software development. Whether you need an end-to-end Windows Phone app, or just porting existing apps to Windows Phone OS, we’’ll do it the best way possible. Having 19-year-old experience at the software development market, we have worked out own our agile methodology to get any app development project off the ground:

  • Windows Phone application development for smartphones
  • Windows Phone application development for tablets
  • Mobile website development
  • Application porting and migration from iOS and Android to Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone app testing
  • Custom Windows Phone application development

Why Elinext for Windows Phone development

Windows Phone has struggled to offer rich functionality and great user experience. What you have to do to make the most of it, is to find the right provider of Windows Phone development services. Why is Elinext Group a good choice? Our developers constantly tap into the depth of Windows Phone technologies. That is why they are exposed to any Windows Phone project of any level of complexity. At the output, our customers get an agile secure software solution which is backed by:

  • professional and client-oriented team of developers
  • their transparent work and constant communication with a customer
  • Two decades of software development experience and a number of success stories
  • reasonable costs
  • 24/7 accessibility of technical support
  • international location of our offices for quicker services for our clients

Why should I choose Windows Phone for my business app?

Since its early rise in 2010, Windows Phone OS has struggled to be better. With version 8.1, users can take advantage of snap view, useful updates from Microsoft pushed to devices, a great sample of the Share feature and top-notch UX.

Does Elinext provide testing app for Windows Phone 8.1?

Yes, we do. Elinext makes the most of Windows Phone SDK to test Windows Phoneapp throughout the development cycle and before the submission of an app to the Store.

What stages does app development for Windows Phone by Elinext include?

The first thing we do at Elinext when we get a new order is brainstorming together with a client. Our developers thoroughly learn all the requirements and conceptualize a future app and its design. Next comes app development. Finally, we test an app before it is submitted to the app store.

What tools does Elinext use apart from Windows Phone SDK?

For Windows Phone development, our developers also leverage HTML5, JavaScript, C/C++, Win32 APIs, multiple Rx.NET libraries, XAML and other domains.

Can Windows Phone SDK 8.0 be used for Windows Phone OS 7.1?

The Windows Phone SDK 8.0 hasthe entire necessary environment for developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining apps for Windows Phone OS 7.1.