Following the recent advances by the two ICT industry leaders, Google and Apple, at the smart TV market, Elinext Group is proud to confirm the service offering of what is often referred to as smart TV, a hardware enabled support of three different technologies.

Instant entertainment is basically smartphone-style applications that enable users to view stream movies, videos, music, social networking sites, news, weather and financial data. For example, Google TV smart set-top boxes and smart TVs support Android mobile platform and have thousands of working applications already available on the Android Market. Not all but the majority of the smart TV devices also allow users to access internet via a browser. Search for the content of your liking via a browser, just as you do with your computer. Google TV smart devices with Android support extensions for Chrome browser that can also be custom developed.
Smart TV products can combine TV channels, apps, internet and home network into a searchable content collection. Multimedia search allows to type in the name of a movie, click search and see the theatre listings and any related video content on the internet.

Smart TV apps can be an excellent business solution to bring branded content to millions of living rooms all over the world.


Elinext is open to any custom software development projects with specifications provided by our clients. Elinext is always with the next. Make sure to look through our working models and the following list of smart TV app development services.

Google TV

  • Android smart TV application development
  • Smart TV website development
  • Cross platform development
  • Game development for Android smart TV devices
  • Application porting from iOS to Android
  • Application porting from Android phones to Android smart TV devices
  • Android app design
  • Android Market compliance, acceptance readjustment
  • Integration of standard mobile solutions into Android smart TV apps
  • Chrome browser apps for smart TV
  • Multi-screen apps
  • Video sitemap development

Apple TV

  • AirPlay app development
  • Smart TV website development
  • AirPlay game development
  • Application porting from Android to iOS AirPlay
  • Mirroring AirPlay apps

Is it possible to develop an app for Android smartphones, tablets and smart TV?

Yes, Elinext can develop an app for smartphones, tablets, smart TV, and other Android enabled devices.

Does Elinext have staff designers and graphic artists or do I need to provide the graphics?

Elinext has staff designers and graphic artists and will be happy to offer their services. However, an app development quote can be lower in case all the graphics are provided by the client.

If an application is developed for Android, what is the approximate additional time required to build an iOS version?

From our experience, on average it takes 50% more time to develop an iOS version.

Can your developers utilize a task tracking system of my choice?

Elinext developers will ensure maximum comfort for our clients, including the use of any third-party task tracking system.

Besides Android Software Development Kit, what other development tools and technologies do you use?

- Cocoa Touch / Objective C Java
- Xcode IDE Eclipse
- Interface Builder XML
- Test Projects, Automatic Testing
- Android Media
- Audio Player
- Video Player
- Animations
- ConnectivityManager
- Secure Coding
- Audio/Video Streaming
- Java Memory Leaks
- XML Parsing SAX, Pull
- Threading Java Threads,Cconcurrent
- Accelerometer
- Google Android Maps