The global market of location-based services (LBS) is enjoying strong growth. LBS are designed to supply users of GPS- and Internet-enabled mobile devices with appropriate, timely and place-specific content. This gives immediate access to product or service information, price comparisons, product alternatives, reviews and direct purchase options. Wider coverage and higher speeds of mobile networks reinforce the number of people using location-based services.

LBS may be used in a variety of contexts:

  • Advertising
  • Driving Assistance
  • Emergency and Healthcare Services
  • Entertainment and Games
  • Indoor Object Search
  • Local Traffic Updates
  • Local Weather Information
  • Mobile City Guides
  • People-Locating Services (Friends, Family Members, Employees)
  • Roadside Services
  • Targeted Sales Offerings
  • Traveling and Tourist Attractions
  • Vehicle Theft Detection

LBS allow businesses to make offers of locally relevant products and services when consumers are most susceptible to make purchases. Elinext is your trusted partner in developing high-quality location-based apps for mobile platforms.

Adoption of smartphones and tablets is accelerating worldwide. Taking advantage of users’ locations through their mobile devices allows to boost sales and improve brand awareness. Furthermore, the synergy of location-based services, social networking, and mobile payment processing help businesses enhance operational models and drive new revenue streams.

Why choose Elinext for location-based mobile app development?

A huge breadth of knowledge and long-year expertise in software, web and mobile app development enables Elinext to provide clients with excellent location-based apps intended for use on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Location-Based Application Design
  • GUI Design
  • Location-Based Application Development
  • Location-Based Application Testing
  • Implementation Support
  • Technical Support

We are aimed at creating mobile LBS applications that deliver real value to both businesses and consumers.

What are location-based services (LBS) for mobile devices?

Location-based services (LBS) are information and entertainment services that are delivered to users of mobile devices based on their geographic locations.

How can locations of mobile devices be tracked?

Locations can be determined either through a GPS chip within the mobile device, or by locating the nearest cell tower in the network and judging location based on the signal strength being returned by a cellular device.

What are the common location-based services?

Location-based services help find useful information about traffic and weather updates, local amenities such as banks, shops restaurants, etc.

What benefits does location-based marketing bring?

Location-based services provide an innovative method for being able to learn more about your customers and communicate with them effectively. The major goal of marketers is to reach consumers at a place and time that proves to be the most relevant for them to receive locally relevant content. LBS technology makes it possible to increase customer loyalty, automate personalized communications with them and help new clients discover your products and services. Businesses in their turn can learn more about who their customers are.

Aren’t location-based services an intrusion into one’s privacy?

Privacy is a very serious issue. Location-based services can be implemented only provided that all legal and other restrictions are observed, i.e. a mobile user can only be located those by services that they have agreed to and signed up to on request.

For what mobile platforms are your location-based apps available?

Elinext Group develops location-based applications for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Do you implement quality assurance procedures (including security testing, performance testing, etc.) for location-based application development?

Yes. QA is a mandatory part of the software development process at Elinext Group.

What makes Elinext different?

Elinext Group is aimed at creating LBS applications that bring real value to both businesses and consumers. Deep technological expertise, attractive price advantage and exceptional level of service are the key factors that make us stand out from the crowd.