Healthcare Data Anonymization Platform

Business challenges:

Before addressing Elinext, the company used a set of separate tools to manage the data pipeline of receiving and uploading de-identified Protected Health Information (PHI) files. As the process was conducted manually, it demanded the participation of several employees of the company. This method resulted in an ineffective and slow procedure, prone to errors due to the presence of the human factor. Our primary task was to come up with an efficient web-based management solution helping to automate the variety of working processes.

Our solution:

The solution represents a combination of a fully functional website and a remote UNIX-server which covers users needs to manage feeds pipelines. The website provides a remote control of operations on UNIX-server by SaaS and displays the info on the processed data. Meanwhile, the UNIX server proceeds to the de-identification of provided data from Data partners of a customer. Thanks to the user-friendly interface based on Mobirise Website Builder, the application is easy and intuitive to navigate and use. The data could be exported to PDF or Excel formats and sent to users in a form of a report. The website provides the system of report management and helps users in dealing with operations and collecting data.

Solutions features:

  • the status of processed files on the dashboard;
  • the information on the overall time of processing files by each operation;
  • the status report on processed files with additional information on a particular customer’s Data partners;
  • overdue feeds provide a list of expected, received and not received files by days;
  • onboarding project helps to manage projects and setup Partners details and Input/Output formats for processed files;
  • the application data could be managed by such sections as “Users”, “Roles”, “Products”, “Clients”, “Feed” or “Suppliers”;

Specific features

Our solution incorporates a flexible tool for managing Unix-based processes which engage in the de-identification of data. As patients’ data is very sensitive, our team implemented a solution which manages the process of downloading and uploading the data using a black box tool that doesn’t retrieve or change PHI data.

Business benefits

As a result, the solution enables healthcare organizations to quickly and easily apply a risk-based responsible de-identification methodology that ensures individual privacy and legal compliance. Our solution makes possible to:     

  • improve speed and visualization when controlling data processing;
  • generate and send email notifications and reports;
  • manage UNIX processes using convenient GUI;
  • collect and provide detailed reports to customer and Data partners;
  • use the best practices in both users and report management;



Region: Canada

Industry: Healthcare

Type: Web

Engagement model: dedicated model

Duration: 2017 and running

Staff: 8 person

Platforms: Web