Medical Practice and Billing Software
Medical Practice and Billing Software
Healthcare, HR and Recruiting
Engagement model:
Dedicated team
2013 - till now
1 team lead, 4 developers
Technologies used
Angular 2+
Angular JS

The project is a healthcare CRM for healthcare companies that empowers doctor practice, office automation, and medical billing.


The client addressed Elinext healthcare developer to help with supporting and enhancing the functionality of a  web-based application for doctor workflow management, electronic health records management, billing, and scheduling, with a streamlined, intuitive interface. The functionality of the system allowed performing the following actions:


  • Checks in to the system at the terminal with the help of medical card barcode or personal pin-code;
  • Fills in the application form which is automatically sent to a doctor to give some insight before the patient comes.


  • Create, view, and manage patient profiles, filling in the information about the  disease which includes type, quality, timing, severity, the level of improvement deterioration, and other parameters;
  • Add notes, snapshots, and customs documents;
  • Manage and keep track of their patients’ schedule including creating new patient accounts, demographics, scheduling appointments, check-in, rescheduling, using patient alerts, addressing no-shows and no future appointments;
  • Buy medicals within the app payment with the help of integration with POS terminal;
  • Use a powerful task workbench system to contact either coach, support, staff, vendors, or billing team providing a fast and efficient way to address any questions/issues that might arise.

Front office

  • Invoice management and medical billing.

Special features

Our team created unique functionality for document management which is an HTML form allowing building custom documents and application forms with unique styles and over 5000 fields of choice available upon payment.

The integration of the document management system removed inconsistencies in documents and solved the problem with missing data.


The project is ongoing, so the team is continuously working on the improvement of the existing functionality, paying special attention to widely used parts of the system as well as creating new features upon request.

The enhancements made by our developers allowed for better-streamlined clinic workflow, customized documents creation, and better overall performance of the application. One of the prominent features of our healthcare CRM is seamless integration with numerous third-party applications

Moreover, our team developed most of the required functionality for ONC certification which means that the software is capable of supporting providers with Stage 2 meaningful use measures.

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