Povi Family Connect


Elinext’s priority task on this project was to analyze Povi Family Connect platform which includes API and native Android application. The second step aimed at developing the swift iOS application with the similar design to existing Android application, but with native iOS User Experience. During the final step an Elinext mobile team implemented entirely new requested features for iOS application.


– Code had to be written in swift;
– Elinext engineers had to investigate and deploy the system without any detailed documentation. There was only short description of the platform provided by the customer, and not yet finished Android app;
– User Experience had to be native and user-friendly.


Elinext responded promptly and prepared a requested swift app just in time.

Results: The iOS application were implemented, tested and successfully submitted to the App Store. Update to the new iOS 9 were smooth and absolutely invisible for the end users.


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 20.19.43
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 20.16.36


Region: Worldwide

Industry: Education

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 1 month

Staff: 1 iOS developer

Platforms: iOS