Car Audio System Environment
Car Audio System Environment
European Union
Engagement model:
Dedicated Team
2 years
5-10 persons
Technologies used
Android SDK


Our client specializes in technologies involving voice recognition/signal processing for embedded products and remotely controlled flying machines (also known as drones). They also develop products related to the car telephony industry: chipsets (including DSP), noise and echo reduction algorithms, Bluetooth software stack, and end-user applications (Bluetooth hands-free car kits). Their products are sold to consumers through retail chains and are incorporated into vehicles with the factory-installed audio system.

The team of Elinext faced an ambitious project ahead: the creation of car audio infrastructure from scratch. The scope of work included the development of an environment for the system, including core system applications (similar to Google Play Market), and the redesign of 3rd party applications to catch up with the new environment needs.

Our solution

The system incorporates a killer feature called "Voice Recognition" which makes it possible to search for music through all installed applications. To support this feature, our team has re-developed several on-demand applications. As a matter of fact, Car Audio devices have a number of versions: Asteroid Classic (Android 1.5), Asteroid Smart (Android 2.3), New generation (Android 4.1). Our development team had to come up with applications that support all these platforms simultaneously. Elinext team has worked on the following applications:

Asteroid Market:

  • an analog of Google Play Market, it allows browsing through the catalog and install\update the variety of applications like Deezer or Spotify. Besides, users can purchase and install paid applications through the Asteroid Market app. Our team went through the whole development cycle, adding a crucial voice recognition feature mentioned above among others;

Navigation applications:

  • the orientation of the device in full measure
  • added the compatibility to support the screen size in full measure;

Widget application:

  • added the feature which makes it possible to see traffic jams for your location on a map;
  • the ability to control the audio player (start, stop, fast-forward, rewind);

Specific features

The main challenge for our team lied in the understanding of the new environment defined by the custom firmware and SDK provided by the customer. Also, it’s worth noting that now the system supports several versions of Android and a number of device generations at the same time.

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