Mobile ERP Helps Manufacturers Improve Productivity

Any market today must adjust to customers with higher expectations. Not only customers require faster responses, but also employees and business owners demand more sophisticated procedures and more advanced implementation. It is far more important when business world has to face a challenging economic situation. Fortunately, mobile enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems) can enable companies to optimize their business and satisfy customers’ growing demand in the majority of cases.

Mobile strategies are now starting to penetrate both small and large-scale businesses. Nowadays mobile devices like laptops, PDAs, and tablets allow company personnel to carry out tasks on the road. They can make the most of their work with the help of their mobile devices with installed ERP applications. Such applications facilitate all business processes and give greater opportunities. The fact that mobile devices and applications are now easily accessed introduces significant changes into the way manufacturing companies run their businesses. A recent research revealed that companies that have already adopted mobile technologies have undergone up to a 45% improvement in productivity and up to 44% improvement in operational efficiency.

Mobile ERP applications enable companies to experience better productivity and enhanced high-quality service, achieve sustainable competitive advantage and more effective business relationships, and provide more competent and exhaustive information. There several reasons why today manufacturers implement mobile ERP in their work:

1. Enhanced high-quality service. Mobile ERP ensures a rise in the quality of the offered services, as employees can now come up with suitable solutions and relevant information to the issues customers may have.
2. Better productivity. A lot of jobs require spending time in cars or in the airports. But if an employee wants to make a contribution into the prosperity of a company he/she can’t afford wasting this time. Mobile ERP helps employees to take advantage of that time. Hence, if workers use mobile ERP they have all necessary tools, materials and information to reduce useless time out of the office.
3. More effective business relationships. Company’s workers able to minimize response time and advance business relationships, in case they have all needed data at their disposal wherever they are.
4. Sustainable competitive advantage. The same situation can be seen here. The ability of an organization to provide up-to-date timely information adds to sustainable competitive advantage.
5. More competent and exhaustive information. Mobile ERP software gathers information from all sectors of an organization and allows workers to receive and deliver relevant and comprehensive information.

Therefore, mobile ERP always enables workers to stay flexible and within reach. They can benefit from manifold possibilities ERP application offers both in the workplace and out of the office. Inventive and audacious manufacturers have realized what advantages investing in integrated ERP systems can bring to their companies. They have acknowledged as well that these systems provide proper foundation to face the changing supply chain cutting down on information technology costs.

Here are a few more benefits mobile ERP system can introduce into your business and improve supply chain management.

  • With mobile ERP you have unfettered access to the information about products and customers. As far as order history is concerned, such content as the number of an order, its quantity and registration data, amount and other specifics are also clearly displayed.
  • With mobile ERP system enterprises experience a striking decline in administrative overhead. Studies reveal a decrease in expenses that amounts to 40%.
  • Mobile ERP considerably diminishes the amount of paperwork employees have to deal with on a daily basis. Statistics says this increases higher productivity and the quality of work up to 20%.
  • Mobile ERP makes it possible for an employee to quickly trace customers that are entered in the system and make changes if necessary.
  • Mobile ERP offers a special menu developed to promote efficiency and productivity. It allows enterprises to take advantage of sales statistics, routing pattern and a thorough map with indicated delivery roads.
  • Mobile ERP makes it real to pick a customer and have all the relevant data in front of you. This data can include order records or figure entries. Moreover, some additional information can be attached if the system is connected to the server.
  • Among other positive alterations mobile ERP can introduce into the functionality of a company is also a possibility to expand facilities of signature service. From now on an employee well grounded in mobile innovations can either select or ignore the signature pad while executing incoming orders. He can finish client servicing in order to correct the central planning board.
  • With mobile ERP company personnel can be immediately warned about running issues or possible troubles. This can be incomplete execution of order, insufficient amount of the required products in stock or failed equipment. Mobile ERP solution keeps company’s staff informed and they are always ready to take prompt actions.
  • Mobile ERP ensures seamless and continuous entry of information. It implies that all company personnel beginning with managers, supervisors and ending with store clerks, shipping department employees and production workers can instantly enter data via their mobile devices from the place they are situated at the current moment.
  • Mobile ERP proves useful not only for the operational side of business and its working procedure, but for team members of a company as well. For instance, workers are now able to ask for day offs, control their holidays, update and manage timesheets, or claim fringe benefits via mobile ERP.

Observing the growing popularity of mobile tools and devices, developers are not standing aside being ignorant and indifferent. Quite on the contrary, they apply efforts and mental abilities to launch their applications on modern platforms. They supply businesses with handy and easy to use tools to be prepared for running and predictable demands of a company.

With installed mobile ERP solution a company is sure to optimize internal business processes and enhance ultimate performance. It makes it easier to manage information about products and customers in short order, face challenges and solve issues straight away, giving immediate responses and undertaking prompt and accurate actions.

An integrated ERP system enables manufacturers to use all business assets to their best advantage. Enterprise resource planning is aimed at reaching unprecedented efficiency and unexpected boost of productivity. Moreover, ERP phenomenon expands the definition of business management and presents all new ways on how to be competitive and successful in today’s tough market and harsh economic environment. It almost constrains manufacturers to look beyond set up boundaries and modify their traditional point view on their scope of activity.

* The official source of statistics data: Mobility in the Manufacturing Workplace report by IQMS

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