Trends That Have Defined the IoT Domain in 2018

2018-11-06 by Dmitri Koteshov

The current year is drawing to a close, so it’s the right time to discuss the market trends which have defined the IoT domain in 2018. According to Statista, the number of devices with access to the Internet will increase to 23 billion by the end of the year. The...

Top 4 Programming Languages for IoT (and the Salaries They Bring)

2018-08-23 by Dmitri Koteshov

Even if IoT (the Internet of Things) might be considered as a relatively new domain, little by little, we are getting familiar with smart devices. It’s all about human nature: we get used to everything. Anyway, it’s still funny: could you imagine, say, ten years ago having a home appliance that...
smart factory

Making The Factory Smart: Step By Step

2018-08-16 by Svetlana Yurkevich

In our recent article, we touched on the basics of Smart Factory concept, its benefits and challenges that come with implementation. In a word, it’s all about the Internet of things, machine learning and advanced analytics that transform factories into dynamic, interconnected infrastructure. The “smartness” of the system generally refers...

A Brief Guide To Counter Cybersecurity Risks in IoT

2019-07-12 by Svetlana Yurkevich

Sensors, robots and cloud technology –  here’s how the Internet of Things disrupts the business world with connectivity and automation. The new concept interest a lot of companies, however, few bring the ideas to life, and the main reason is security. The important thing to know is that security is...

Industrial Internet Of Things: Smart Manufacturing

2018-06-26 by Svetlana Yurkevich

In the last decade, the adoption of the Internet of things on the enterprise level has risen to the global scale. The first country to claim the new industrial revolution is Germany who announced the term “Industrie 4.0” at the famous Hannover Fair back in 2011. Now, the concept of...