ERP solution for airline and travel companies is a business valuable tool to manage all the workflow throughout the world

These days tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most powerful. Being the catalyst of the local economy of many countries, the sector with a high rate of the capital, a payback and a profitability of the investment, tourism forms gross domestic product (GDP), activates balance of foreign trade, creates extra openings and thus provides population with the employment. As tourism and hospitality industry grows rapidly, no wonder that competition in this sector is extremely high. Customer service of the highest level, accurate information about the customers and all the provided services is a must for those organizations who want to be successful. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system meets all the demands of a modern travel company. It enables travel organizations to give exceptional customer service, maintaining cooperation between the departments, securing the accomplishment of the daily work and providing structured information in real time. ERP system allows to cut operational costs down and increase the company’s efficiency. 

ERP features and functions in tourism and hospitality industry

ERP system is a valuable tool of administrative information and control. It can be used to manage every level of tourism and hospitality industry: human resource, management of finance, service, maintenance, stocking, projects, investment, risk, decision-making, payoff analyzing, region planning, region business, intelligent traffic. 


The features of ERP systems developed and customized at Elinext Group are as follow:

  • HR management system is a suite of integrated information that streamlines both human resources and capitals. It contains the employee list (where attendance, leaves, shifts are recorded), and also the timesheet (enables managers and other senior employees to check the hours worked).  
  • Financial accounting module is designed to record the assets, expenditure, and revenue of the company. This module handles regulation of the money flow and allows to review the company’s financial status in real time.  
  • Fixed assets module is developed to keep record of items you purchase for your business and to help you calculate depreciation. 
  • Customer relationship management module provides you with an opportunity to boost sales. This flexible database enables you to know your clients better by giving any information on them: their contacts, addresses or relationship with your competitors.
  • Reports management system will be of great help. With this module you can get the core operational information: check-in/checkout reports, occupancy reports, reports about employees.
  • Quality management module is a key to success in tourism industry. It is designed to monitor the quality of the products during all stages of their life cycle.
  • Enterprise controlling module considers all the company’s success factors and helps analyze performance indicators.
  • Investment management system is a versatile tool that enables the travel agency to monitor the investments and thus allows the company to work more efficiently.
  • Pre-sales and marketing management system is developed in order to help you manage marketing campaigns and follow-ups towards your customers.
  • Order and billing management system is a step towards smooth, error-free order-to-cash process. This module improves quote accuracy, eliminates billing errors and accelerates cash flow.

Benefits ERP can bring to tourism and hospitality

In today’s environment of active competition it’s crucial for a travel company to use every advantage and tool so as to be on top. ERP software system could be one of those advantages. Being tailor-made to the needs of the tourism sector, it allows to save labor hours of the company as well as its money. With ERP system one can be at an advantage thanks to the following benefits:

  • Integrated information: ERP system reduces the need for buying and maintaining multiple software systems, enables all the departments in the industry to perform various functions simultaneously
  • Increased efficiency in processes: ERP system eradicates labor-intensive manual processes, makes data collecting more efficient and accurate
  • Effective management: ERP makes control of contracts with hotels to discuss optimal conditions, of vouchers for reservations and invoices
  • A modular software system: the organization is able to develop only those modules that apply to its requirements
  • Access to data: quick and easy access to information is provided, the interaction with the client in real time
  • Increased security of data: ERP system is more secure as all the transactions that take place via ERP system can be tracked
  • User friendliness of the system: ERP system is easier to use for the staff, it provides an easier access to the data and facilitates the preparation of specific reports.

Custom-made ERP system for tourism from Elinext Group

Elinext Group is a company that always sticks to individual approach to each client and designs its software according to the customers’ demands. Our employees are professionals with broad experience who will be able to develop ERP system according to the requirements of your company. This system will create value and business benefit making it easier to track the workflow across various departments, reduce manual intervention, operate databases, verify financial flow and improve corporate governance.  

Tourism and hospitality industry is the most rapidly growing industry in modern society. It needs a superior and a flexible software tool that will help to exercise effective management. ERP system designed for an organization from tourist sector is a respond to evolving business needs that optimizes overall activities, reduces costs and increases customers’ satisfaction.

Our company is at your disposal being ready to provide you with the following services:

Custom ERP development allows companies automate manual processes, set and fulfill their business requirements. It adds efficiency to the existing ERP installation. 

Ready-made solutions can satisfy several organizations but for some of them ERP Customization could be of paramount importance. Our employees are at your service to develop the software that will give your company the competitive edge. They will find the most sensible and affordable solution so that the workflow will be smoothen and revenues of your company maximized.

We do not compromise on the quality of our software so ERP software testing is a step we cannot omit. Testing the application, we make sure that there are no defects or inaccuracies in it and the software meets all the customer’s expectations.

ERP Implementation is a phase when our trained consultants set-up and run the system. Finally the user is able to see it in work. Being implemented adequately, the ERP system will bring your company to the next level of profit.

ERP Upgrade and Maintenance is a post-implementation phase which is critical if you want to expand your business or have an up-to-date system with the best current functionality. This stage should not be underestimated as it will help you to attain long term success. 

Why choose ERP software from Elinext Group

Elinext Group is an experienced company with a working period of more than 15 years. We develop software solutions that will guarantee continuous improvement of your company. With Elinext Group you’ll be able to enjoy:  

  • Reasonable costs for all types of our services
  • Highly professional staff
  • International location of our offices
  • First-class quality of software production
  • The best service.

No longer do you have to worry about rapid return of investment – now it’s our task.

You have a project

Step 1
You send us all the requirements that you have, specifications or any other documents about the project
Step 2
We analyze the requirements, estimate the project and offer you a quote for development
Step 3
If it looks reasonable to you, we sign an NDA and a contract and start the project

We work on the project

Step 1
We assign a project manager and organize a dedicated team of software developers and designers
Step 2
The whole team is online the whole working day and available via email, Skype, phone
Step 3
Clients decide the level of involvement in the development
Step 4
Clients provide us with the preferences and recommendations regarding design and specific features of the application
Step 5
We carry out development. Several times per week we organize demonstrations for clients to provide them with the latest updates on the development
Step 6
Organize a QA team of testers, that will fix any code imperfections and bugs
Step 7
Deliver the finished solution and all sources, assist to deploy online

The project is ready

What is ERP?

ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. Originally it was called MRP which stood for Materials Requirements Planning, then it was changed to MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning), and later acquired its present name. ERP is a software package that allows to bring the scattered enterprise information together so as to manage the resources of the company in question.

What are the reasons for adopting ERP system?

ERP software system is an end-to-end solution for those who do not want to limit their business growth. Bringing all the functions and departments of the enterprise into a consolidated software program, ERP system will help optimize business processes and thus deliver customer satisfaction.

How can I benefit from using ERP system?

The advantages of implementing ERP system are enormous. Some of them are:
Centralized database
Increased efficiency of management
Streamlined operations and smoothen work flows
Quick and secure access to information
Reduced operational costs

Is the quantity of ERP system users limited?

No, the number of users can be as large as you wish.

Are Quality Assurance processes for ERP systems implemented at your company?

Yes. QA is a significant part of the software development process at Elinext Group.

Where can I find your customers’ comments?

If any information about the quality of our services is needed, click here. Our Case Studies are also at your disposal.

What’s the price for ERP system developed by your company?

There is no fixed price. The cost depends on the number of modules you want to include. There are also additional charges for implementation, training, and maintenance. In case you need more information, please, contact us.

Do you implement ERP system all at once or step-by-step? How long will it take to implement it?

The implementation of a new ERP system is usually performed in stages. While implementing, we train our clients so that they could feel confident using ERP system. The timescale of implementation differs according to the quantity of modules and customization. It can take a few hours as well as it can last a couple of months.

What is the security level of the stored information provided by your company?

You needn’t worry about outsiders to access your ERP system – we’ve already taken care of it. With Elinext Group you can be sure that appropriate security level is provided and the risk is mitigated.

What should I do to make an order for an ERP system?

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form on our website, by email, telephone(+375-17) 237-53-65 or Skype.
You can also send your own ideas on the future ERP system to us, and we will discuss all the details.