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ERP for Travel
ERP systems developed by Elinext teams meet all the demands of modern travel companies. They allow travel organizations to give exceptional customer service, maintaining cooperation between the departments, securing the accomplishment of the daily work and providing structured information in real-time.
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Elinext Expertise in ERP Development for Tourism
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ERP system can be used to manage every level of tourism and hospitality industry: human resource, management of finance, service, maintenance, stocking, projects, investment, risk, decision-making, payoff analyzing, region planning, region business, intelligent traffic. The features of ERP systems developed and customized at Elinext are as follows:
HR management system
Financial accounting module
Customer relationship management module
Report management system
Quality management module
Pre-sales and marketing management system
HR management system

It is a suite of integrated information that streamlines both human resources and capital. It contains the employee list (where attendance, leaves, shifts are recorded), and also the timesheet (enables managers and other senior employees to check the hours worked).

Financial accounting module

It is designed to record the assets, expenditure, and revenue of the company. This module handles the regulation of the money flow and allows to review the company’s financial status in real-time.

Customer relationship management module

It provides you with an opportunity to boost sales. This flexible database enables you to know your clients better by giving any information on them: their contacts, addresses or relationship with your competitors.

Report management system

With this module, you can get the core operational information: check-in/checkout reports, occupancy reports, reports about employees.

Quality management module

This module is a key to success in the tourism industry. It is designed to monitor the quality of the products during all stages of their life cycle.

Pre-sales and marketing management system

Such type of the system is developed in order to help you manage marketing campaigns and follow-ups towards your customers.

Elinext ERP Development Services for Tourism
ERP system designed for an organization from the tourism sector is a response to evolving business needs that optimizes overall activities, reduces costs and increases customers’ satisfaction. Our company is at your disposal being ready to provide you with the following services:
/ 01.
Custom ERP Development
Allows companies to automate manual processes, set and fulfill their business requirements. It adds efficiency to the existing ERP installation. Our employees are at your service to develop the software that will give your company a competitive edge. They will find the most sensible and affordable solution so that the workflow will be smoothened and the revenues of your company maximized.
/ 02.
ERP Software Testing
ERP software testing is a step we cannot omit. Testing the application, we make sure that there are no defects or inaccuracies in it and the software meets all the customer’s expectations.
/ 03.
ERP Implementation
Our professional will set-up and run the ERP system for you to see it at work. Being implemented adequately, the ERP system will bring your company to the next level of profit.
/ 04.
ERP Upgrade and Maintenance
It is a post-implementation phase that is critical if you want to expand your business or have an up-to-date system with the best current functionality. This stage should not be underestimated as it will help you to attain long term success.
ERP Benefits in Tourism
Being tailor-made to the needs of the tourism sector, an ERP system allows saving labor hours of the company as well as its money. With ERP system developed by our teams, one can be at an advantage thanks to the following benefits:
Integrated information: ERP system reduces the need for buying and maintaining multiple software systems, enables all the departments in the industry to perform various functions simultaneously;
Increased efficiency in processes: ERP system eradicates labor-intensive manual processes, makes data collecting more efficient and accurate;
Effective management: ERP makes the control of contracts with hotels to discuss optimal conditions, of vouchers for reservations and invoices;
A modular software system: the organization is able to develop only those modules that apply to its requirements;
Access to data: quick and easy access to information is provided, the interaction with the client in real-time;
Increased security of data: ERP system is more secure as all the transactions that take place via the ERP system can be tracked;
User-friendliness of the system: ERP system is easier to use for the staff, it provides easier access to the data and facilitates the preparation of specific reports.
Case studies
Case studies
ERP development services for the travel companies Elinext produced in recent years looks like this.
Trip Recommendation Portal for North Sea Area Tour Provider

A major German advertising company wanted to create a website for travelers to attract them to the North Sea Area. To meet this challenge and build loyalty to this region, the customer decided to create a visual map with photos showing real travelers’ emotions followed by text feedbacks.

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Customer Service Chatbot for a US-based Hotel

Our client wanted to integrate an automated solution to its customer service department which processes a large number of requests on a daily basis.

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Poshberry Flight Ticket Booking

The initial requirement was to improve and refine the existing company website in terms of security, usability, payment options and search engine optimization.

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Tripwolf Travel Guide

Our team had to port the successful mobile travel app - Tripwolf , on Windows 8.1 platform. The developed application must support a wide range of devices: from budget smartphones to powerful tablets.

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Augmented Reality App for Public Transport Users

Our engineers implemented the so-called “pseudo” AR concept which helps the mobile application to recognize a stop using the data from a compass and a gyroscope.

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Premiere Ukraine Tours

The client required to develop a tourism website, where potential customers can obtain information about available tours to Ukraine, view gallery of images showing places of interest as well as register for coming tours and events.

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Vacation Rentals Guide App

PAP Vacances is a platform offering vacation rentals with more than 30,000 advertisements of apartments to rent from private owners in France and abroad. The company came to Elinext to develop a mobile application for their platform based on  its main features.

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Tórshavn Travel Guide App

The customer wants a tour guide about Torshavn, capital city of Faroe Islands. The application must provide all necessary information to the city visitors about city transportation and entertainment.

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