Workout Plan Generator

Type: Web development


Requirements: The project requires to port a desktop application into a web application. All the main functions of the applications have to be enhanced with new web-specific functionality.


  • Data base porting mechanism must be efficient and bug-free
  • Mechanism of sharing exercises among registered users
  • Flexible mechanism of PDF files generation, including a long list of advanced settings
  • Premium paid subscriptions for fitness instructors

Solution: In this case, the solution requires the employment of the Elinext Group best development practices. The sharing mechanism is implemented with the use of PHP and MySQL as well as a YII Framework. The PDF-file generation involves making use of the newest and the most efficient libraries. All of the development project stages – from design to deployment – are implemented on Elinext Group servers.

Results: The website development project outcome is a web-portal for fitness instructors and coaches. With the use of this website, instructors can create own exercises as well as more sophisticated exercise complexes and programs from the exercises developed by themselves and other instructors. The website also helps publish those kinds of materials online and promote different fitness programs in the Web. Besides that, the website users can retrieve exercises and exercise complexes in PDF format and print them out. The access to the full website functionality is available to premium paid accounts. The basic functionality is open to all registered users.




Region: Worldwide

Industry: Healthcare

Type: Web

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 8 months

Staff: 1 developer