How Mobile Technologies Open New Ways for Tourists

No one would dispute around the fact that mobile technologies are conquering the world and empower people with new force and new possibilities.

Nevertheless it may seem so desirable to leave your smartphone at home when you are on holiday, it can definitely provide you with new ways to explore different countries and will make your travelling hassle-and-stress free.

More and more people start to rely on mobile technology either when they make their travel reservations or find interesting places to visit. More than 65% of people who book a hotel room within 24 hours of checking-in do so from a mobile device, according to Expedia. More than 15% of travelers who book a flight 24 hours or less in advance do so via mobile. This simple fact proves that mobile technologies create new possibilities for the harried, last-minute travelers and that is why it will also enhance mobile apps future adoption.

At the same time, the list of possibilities mobile technologies bring into our life is rather vast, but the most popular ones can be reduced to several main preferences that guide people towards usage of this or that mobile app.

1) Most travelers use apps with maps for the area they plan to stay in (up to 83% of family travelers who took part in MCD poll research). Such mobile apps as Torshavn City App or Premiere Ukraine Tours can be bright examples of mobile resources where potential customers can find information about available tours, view gallery of images showing places of interest as well as register for coming tours and events.
2) Business travelers (a good chunk at 71%) use smart phone features like bill-paying, ordering-in of room service and amenities, and transportation arrangements. Here the example of a mobile app with rich functionality can be cited Poshberry Mobile App. Since Poshberry company is working in luxury travel area, well-optimized customer service is crucial. The whole process of working with customers including quote request handling, credit card payments, customer support and integration with an accounting system is totally automated.
3) 68% of the total travelers like seeing concierge tips in their mobile apps, providing them with tips about the places they are visiting. Pap Vacancies is an app that will provide users with a convenient and modern UI for people who want to get information about French hotels, flats, shale in the mountains, open beautiful places/regions in France. One more advantage this app gives is the possibility to reach/contact owner or to rent the place directly. Integration with Social Networks is included to share liked places to your friends.
4) Practically all 100% of users agree that such apps as trip advisor app are of great help for them. Through such mobile apps you can read reviews by fellow travelers so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you should spend your money. Also, you can use trip advisor to read reviews on hotels and restaurants so your hard earned money gets you the best experience possible.

While in-app bookings account only for 12% of total mobile bookings, the value of mobile bookings is increasing in every area except for accommodation. However, it is obvious that time will change these figures.

As an example of a sudden raise of usage of booking via a mobile, Latin America had the most significant seasonal growth in online bookings for travel advertisers with a 42% increase. This coincided with the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

New mobile apps for travelers emerge every day. They offer a whopping range of functions; however, most of them are ignored and simply vanish with time.

Many people refuse to make bookings via smartphones as websites do not have a mobile version or do not have a mobile app. Also, the choice of customers not to use their smartphones while booking a flight or a hotel can be predetermined by a slow speed or bad performance or non-functional layout of mobile version of this web resource. Therefore a thorough attention should be attributed to these important aspects by those who want their mobile apps not be one-day projects.

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