Will Mobile Friendly Websites Become a Vital Necessity?

Wherever you go these days (whether you are in a queue, or sitting in a cafe, or walking your dog in a park) you will surely observe people immersed in their smartphones. The number of people who use their mobile device for surfing the Web has been growing at an ever-increasing speed. It won’t be long until a person who still uses his/her PC is considered an outsider. This phenomenon indicates that any company which can be found on the Internet should take proper steps to become mobile friendly.

The latest technological trends show that there are reasons for businesses to be concerned. The biggest one is that smart phones have become more affordable and more people are enticed into getting one. Moreover, smartphones are a much more convenient way to go online. This is a hectic world we live in, where everyone is constantly on the go. Therefore, if businesses want their potential clients on the hook, they should provide any facilities for their convenience and mobile friendly websites included.

The reason this issue has become so widely spoken about now is that Google has come up with a new algorithm. It touches upon mobile search and lies in the fact that from now on companies that have mobile friendly websites are getting ranked highly in the search results. This is made by way of giving users an opportunity to enjoy better service and get ultimate results in terms of mobile compliance:

  • decipherable;
  • easy to read (without zooming);
  • vertical scroll only;
  • sufficient line spacing;
  • handy navigation.

This change was called “Mobilegeddon” (originated from Armageddon). It may have to do with the fact that a lot of companies are not prepared for such a quick succession of events. In any case, the ball has started rolling and companies should make every effort to stick to the mainstream and become a part of a mobile world.

There are many reasons to convince reluctant managers to adopt a mobile friendly website and make their business more stable and competitive.

1. Today, smartphones have hit the big time and are owned by a great number of modern people. According to the data, nowadays there are more than 4 billion mobile phones in the world. Certainly, the number is constantly growing. This points to the fact that people can go online whenever and wherever they are. So business owners had better be prepared, as it’s highly unlikely that the demand for mobile phones goes down.

2. Mobile internet enjoys great popularity. The number of people who use their mobile devices to surf the Internet is staggering. And the number of people who do so every day is no less impressive. It opens up countless possibilities for companies.

3. One more reason for enterprises to deploy a mobile friendly device is its relatively low expense. Moreover, it is not as time-consuming as it may seem.

4. Another pleasant benefit is a possibility to use GPS. GPS can play a key role in customer engagement. A lot of users resort to using GPS technology in the search of necessary information, services, or directions. Apart from that it is used to look for the nearest service location. So if there isn’t a mobile friendly website designed to contribute to your success, you risk losing the potential driving force of your business – your clients.

5. Mobile friendly websites allow you to become or stay on as your clients’ first choice. Not only does competition push business forward, it also deprives a company of its individuality and uniqueness. In order not to fall behind in the sea of offers and services, one should take advantage of modern trends. Apart from granting you the opportunity to appear higher in search results, a mobile friendly website will make your customers more loyal. It’s obvious that people who are used to surfing their favorite website on their computers will not do so on their mobile devices if the interface is not handy. An interface that is not mobile friendly is a highway to deliver your customers into the hands of your competitors.

6. Mobile friendly websites provide a better customer user experience. As it has already been mentioned, no one wants their customers to switch to their competitors because failing to fulfill mobile compliance doesn’t let customers find what they want quickly and without hindrance. Why would anyone choose to use his or her computer instead of a mobile phone that is always kept handy? Users most probably turn to it for contact details or anything else about a place they need. Even if potential clients are away from their homes, a company should take care to provide effective and reliable mobile conditions. Not long ago, there was no chance to design a mobile website and provide users with a high quality service because of insufficient bandwidth and server speed. Nonetheless, today’s technological opportunities create all the necessary preconditions for attracting new customers and providing top-notch service.

It has become quite obvious that a number of mobile friendly websites will grow at an incredible rate in the near future. There is no denying the fact that the Internet took its root on the desktop computer. But it also leaves no doubt that many people’s first knowledge of the Internet will be via a mobile device. Such fast and inevitable changes leave no other choice but to adjust to them. If a manager of sound mind doesn’t adopt a mobile friendly website, he voluntarily sends his business ship to death.

People have become harder to please nowadays. They demand services and information. And they want to get it as fast as possible, especially when they can do it through their mobile phones. The modern technological world offers possibilities to meet their requirements. So if a company is not prompt enough to ride the wave, it can lose its clients. A mobile phone is a very powerful sort of communication that can win customers’ favor. Once a company has its clients on their mobile website, this is the first step to success.

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