Elinext Meets 2021!

Elinext Meets 2021!

December is a month of making summaries and New Year’s resolutions. 2020 has truly been ‘the one like no other’

Each of us has been impacted by the events that have occurred during this period.

We won’t split hairs on calamities of the year, nor we would dive into one of the hype topics that appeared massively on the course of 2020.

We just might notice that during the year, the world was full of rapid changes, and those who were able to adapt to them prevailed. 

This was especially true for businesses across the world. 

Elinext was also heavily impacted by all the crises. We’ve faced many obstacles that have never occurred in our path. We tried to find ways to accept the new realities. 

New difficulties enabled us to better self-understand, we figured out our strengths and chose some of our strategies for development accordingly.

This is the post about our 2020.

Our New Projects

The number of our projects remained on the level of 2019. At the same time, new clients were a diverse bunch. 

We got to know customers from all kinds of verticals: from more conventional to us: fintech, healthcare, manufacturing education, human resources, and IT, to quite extraordinary, like media, gaming, or renewable energy.

Speaking of our new clients, the geography was rather diverse as well. We made most of our contracts with companies that have our representations: France, Germany, Canada, and the USA. 

As for the difficulty levels of the projects, they varied vastly.

We covered the business needs of our clients: from creating websites with integrating payments or developing mobile apps of all shapes and sizes to developing complex data platforms for enterprises.

Elinext has also completed a few of the internal tasks. For instance, we’ve launched our new website. You could have noticed the difference if you’ve visited our pages at the beginning of the year.

We have plans on expanding our geography, tech stack, and a number of projects over the course of the upcoming year. 

Elinext: New Offices

All our offices that existed before 2020 came along continue to operate. We took COVID-19 precautions in all seriousness, and the vast majority of our employees work remotely from home. That doesn’t mean that Elinext has become further to our partners.

We have a plan of partly turning our permanent offices into co-working spaces for the outstanding comfort of our employees that would contribute to delivering impeccable software products to our clients.

At the same time, we’ve expanded beyond the borders of already explored territories for communication and cooperation with the customers.

The number of our employees in existing offices increased by somewhat 20%. We also have started to hire people on the new territories as we’ve received the legal rights to do so,

We now have a development center in Kyiv. Our new department both hires local specialists and reallocates employees from Minsk offices there.

Opening subsidiaries in different countries is a part of our global strategy to grow worldwide.

We are not talking about just communication centers. These are full-fledged offices with development, QA, management teams. They will have their own projects, and definitely will communicate and cooperate with other centers of our company,

The other company that already has a registered is our Polish department. Now, by the end of 2020, we are ready to hire employees there as well.

The next destination for the “European Expansion” is the Czech Republic.

We are doing this for improving our services. We have a level of customer service to maintain, and all our new beginnings start with the intention to keep up to this level and excel it.

Our Partners

We are only as successful, as our clients are. We continue to build our relationships with the customers that partnered with us years ago.

Elinext has also come to agreements with lots of other companies that were looking for a reliable software developer during the course of 2020.

We have nothing but gratitude towards every person that reaches out to us with a wish to improve their business affairs with high-quality software products.

We will put all our efforts to keep the communication with our clients on the same level further for years to come, and that will bring even more success our way.

COVID-19 made personal visits a forgotten reality. However, we’ve never lost touch with our partners with the help of online communication software. Virtual hugs!

Looking Ahead

2021 became the symbol of hopes and new beginnings even before it has officially begun. We are looking forward to continuing our operations with existing customers alongside the search for new partners.

It is hard to make any predictions or even assumptions about the things to come. However, we remain certain about our core competencies and have great plans for delivering custom software to our clients, existing and new ones.

Elinext is beyond happy to wish you a very prosperous New Year! May the year 2021 be filled with success and joy. May your business grow bigger and stronger with each and every day! Horray!

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