Two Key Things to Be Sure You Do while Microblogging

Think personal

The trick with microblogging is that the winner is not the one who speaks a lot but the one who is listened to, heard, and, come to that, responded.

In the Twitter language, it means to follow users, get followed by users, get your tweets re-twittered. Here we shall focus our attention on how to get more followers and re-tweets.

Get personal

Establishing a sound audience of followers is not a one day task. There is only one way to win a large audience of followers on Twitter. It is getting personal in your approach.

Of course, you can always pay and get used to the services that offer a thousand followers for a certain fee. This can be a rapid start, but without elaborating and developing a sound strategy this initiative won’t go really far.

The notion of getting personal involves answering all relevant messages, as regards your publications, and make it exposed to public viewing so that visitors can see that your account lives, operates and that you care for your community.

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