Top 10 Content Marketing Tricks to Maximize Traffic

As the battlefield among software development companies and other businesses has shifted to the web space, the issue which does not leave us in peace even when we are asleep is posed as following: How to maximize traffic to my website?

The website traffic is now the core prerequisite for company`s success and without it the company will neither make profit nor grow. It is no longer the info classified as “secret” of “how to boost traffic” as much has been written on this topic. Let`s just choose the most relevant and most effective content marketing tricks.

1. Conquer with the Headline

Headlines can be different “teaching”, “shocking” or “entertaining” – they serve one goal – to grab attention and make the site visitor read the blog article. The headline is the main point from where your success starts from.

However surprising it may seem, the most engaging headlines contain negatively colored words like kill, shock, bleeding, fear, dark, war and etc. The controversy is another factor that predetermines traffic boost.

Regardless of what the quality of the blog article info is, the headline is what can make a black sheep white. Professional bloggers advise to spend more time on the headline than on writing the article and make up at least 10 headlines to choose the best one. The practice of A/B headline testing across social networks is also a good means to hit the bull`s eye.

2. Sculpt wisely

A good blogger can be compared to a good architect where the main attention is paid to post structure. First, the post should be brief and not contain vapid and inane pieces. Secondly, short paragraphs, bullet points and lists will make the text more comprehensible.

3. Let the data steer

More trust and more attention are given to info supported by figures, facts and quotations. Such articles are attributed to Expert Content and, thus, rank more highly not only by blog readers but by search engines too.

4. Knock on the Right Gate

The term of “buyer persona” appeared not so long ago and now everyone knows that you should know your audience. As customers can be divided into different categories the texts should be cut out accordingly.

What can and should differ in your text for a techie and a cost-conscious customer, for example?

– Keywords – be more concentrated on tech features for a techie and more on cost-effectiveness for the cost-conscious customer
– Tone and Language – professional for the techie and comprehensible for the “cost-conscious”
– Contents – abundance in tech terms can attract the techie and on the opposite scare the cost-conscious visitors.

The recent research has shown that verbs work better than nouns in social media posts and other forms of web content. Content marketing specialists claim it would be more effective to tailor different articles for at least two of your Target Groups.

5. Go to the public

Social Networks have become the main traffic generator for more than 70% of successful businesses and now only the lazy ones do not post articles and press releases there.
The recent study from the Content Marketing Institute proved that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools in B2B marketing.

Moreover, social networks together with pervasive analytics open new ways to deliver more value to your content as they allow to better get acquainted with your target group`s interests.

6. Go even further- Interview the Thought Experts

The very best way to become #1 in search engines rankings and to maximize traffic is to interview the thought expert and post this. The unique content together with the name recognition will easily manage the “traffic boost” task.

7. Go to the Next level – Invest in a survey

The unique survey with published results will strengthen your brand respect and will help to gain more outside links, retain your readers` attention for long and make your traffic skyrocket.

8. Let them notice you

Not everyone knows that traffic can be increased by commenting. Join “questions-and-answers” sites like, Yahoo! Answers and Quora or Facebook comments and comment there. Make sure your answers contain appropriate expert info and backed up with relevant data and links. Avoid spamming and self-promotion. Engage readers and they will come to you.

9. Pull the e-Newsletters Trigger

72% of B2C marketers assume that e-newsletters are more effective than video in the issue of delivering info to the customer.

10. Visual content and info graphics Rule

93% of the most engaging posts have photos, that`s a fact. Therefore, fresh creative photos and mini infographics are double-worth time and resources spent on them.

The issue of content is, of course, a cornerstone in traffic boost problem. While much attention should be paid to the content marketing tricks listed above, one should not forget about the technical part. To get your traffic high you need to make sure your site version works across different browsers and has a responsive version optimized for different devices. The beautiful and functional web design and structure are also important aspects to pay due attention to. Therefore, it takes pains to reach the aim. But, no doubt, it`s worth it.

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