How to make your mobile app go viral?

Marina Astapchik
IT Trends Research Specialist
June 16, 2015

In the contemporary mobile world, where mobile devices rule our lives, viral apps can be compared with true masterpieces of art like the Mona Lisa and the sculpture of David.

If you create a mobile app that promotes itself without much work on your part, especially when users share it through social networks and spread it through word of mouth — you are practically a genius and destined for success. Such apps have been called viral and everyone dreams of giving birth to one of this type. But is it possible to manufacture the feature of virality during the mobile app development process? Or is it something that is naturally rooted in a genuine app idea? Depending on who you ask, the answer is yes and no.

The art of mobile app development is gathering momentum and can be compared with the art of chocolate making. First, you make up a magic recipe for your chocolate bar. Second, you think over the wrapping and the product story. Your chocolate can be heavenly delicious, but without quaint and appetizing wrapping it will remain unnoticed and untasted. The same is true about mobile app development. So, the question that we have come close to is how to make your app go viral using the mobile app development stage?

Point 1. The very idea of your mobile app should be of special value for your target audience. It is better to study everything your target audience keeps interest in and to let them try a "piece of your app" at every stage of your app development – and even after it. Furthermore, it is better to keep your TA engaged after your app launch, making them need your app like a cup of antemeridian coffee.

Point 2. Develop a mobile app with intuitive and simple design, sign-up, and sharing functions. Most people refuse to use and share an app because of overly complicated features. However, if you make your target audience interact with your app on a whim, they will fall in love with it from first sight. How can this be achieved? Make your target audience sign through automatic accounts in social networks, and make sharing on social networks pages appealing and not hidden.

Point 3. Make sure your app is killingly hotsy-totsy. “Liking” has become common practice in many social networks communicative process. Get your app involved in it, do not stay aside. Once you have studied your target audience likes and dislikes, you should know how to dazzle them. Make your app "likeable" and your app will be one more step on the way to going viral.

Point 4. Create a system of incentives, promotions, and rewards.

Encourage users to share and invite friends to your app. Reward them every time they give referrals and they will do it more eagerly. For example, Uber`s recent rewarding campaign turned out to be a success when they paid $20 for every new sign-up and referrals.

Rewards should be given to both: the one who invites and the one who is invited. Rewards can be done through providing extra storage, free themes, a character, a free upgrade, discounts, and sample sizes.

Make promotions last a limited time to add urgency to users and give them an incentive to take action faster. Make rewards secret and unexpected.

Point 5. Update and promote your mobile app with exceptional activities and content.

Create notifications to keep your users engaged, challenge them with weekly competitions and rewards. Your app should bear value to the lone user and to the groups of users.

Many mobile app developers claim that no matter what is done to the app it will bear no fruit if there is nothing valuable or special in it. On the other hand, a genius idea may fail too. Therefore, to help make your app go viral you need to take into account as many aspects as possible starting from the app`s filling to its wrapping and presentation.

It is such a headache if you are new to this process. However, teams of mobile app developers can implement this for you. With broad expertise and latest technologies applied, they will definitely help you make your app shared and spoken about. No doubt.

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