How Make Software Development Profitable?

2014-12-24 by Marina Astapchik

Under current economic situation, the winner is the one who make smart business solutions combining software development management and costs optimization. Proper planning and strategies are the right decisions for those who want to go hand-in-hand with the market, regardless of business sphere.

Today Elinext Group will share its secrets for profitable projects.

How can businesses implement innovations and still reduce costs for software development?

1. Spot the winner. Consider outsourcing. Hiring software developers can be expensive enough and entail overhead costs. Outsourcing services are currently on the rise and it won't take too much time to find an outsourcing services provider.

Due to outsourcing, one can find the right talent for their needs. Eastern Europe, for example, is known for innovative approach and highly professional developers. Are you looking for a qualified provider? Consider about dedicated team.

One doesn't have to motivate outsourcing providers as we do a good job, knowing our own reputation depends on it. Besides, since the project is over, services are paid and everyone goes on their happy way with our service quality guarantee for 3 months.

2. Make the analysis of your requirements. Do you want to know that software developers and the company are on the same way? Once you start a software development project, work out detailed requirements to guide the team. A well worked out plan lessens the chances that rework will be necessary.

One's ideas and expectations can be presented in any form. At Elinext, we dealt with different styles. A point to be mentioned is that since development teams are composed of designers, project managers, testers, user stories (something like "I want to upload pictures") help specialists understand the system the customer needs.While placing an order for software one shouldn't hesitate to write such guides to software developers.

3. Order customized software development. As a software development company, Elinext considers custom software development as a basic principle for all the projects. Customization means the adaption of software to one's specific needs and empowers companies to invest into really lucrative software.

We proceed from the following: mass-market products are not right for all the companies, that is why customized software can be a cheaper option.

Pay for the functionality you need! Our own experience shows that more and more businesses take advantage of individual software products that are precisely apt for their needs. Customization offers only necessary functionality adapted to the way YOU do your work.

4. Test, test and once again testQuality assurance should be a fundamental part of the whole process of software implementation. It is a necessary step, which is directed at finding out failures and making allowances at any phase of product development process.

Testing prevents confusion later on, which can easily slow down the development of the project and reduce the number of issues, which come up after the implementation of the software, and increase the costs of the process.

5. Update. Software lifecycle includes new releases and upgrade of products. Updating and maintenance reduce costs drastically as it minimizes rework that has to be done. Upgrading software, developers set priorities for what functions are really needed for the next release. Even if rework has to be done, it requires less money because software developers need to go through only previous iteration.

6. Reduce manual work. Work done manually is open to human errors, isn't it? Use the tools already created to automate the process.

For example, tracking work hours spent on development tasks can be easily tracked by the automated system for accounting purposes without having to involve staff. Why is this point so important? Reduction of manual work lessens the margin of error. Errors lead to false information that can be used while making decisions on the future of the project. After all, we have mentioned above that there is nothing worse than reworking because of made mistakes.

7. Take advantage of software development without geographic constraints. Our last but not least to software development companies as well as to customers. At Elinext, we state a fact that international location of offices help to reduce developments costs and offer reasonable prices. Having offices all over the world, we've got a broad services distribution and look more persuasive.

As for customers, perhaps, here we should say what we have said at the very beginning. Consider closer the advantages of the location of a software development company. Take advantage of world-class American-located software services and highly dedicated European teams. Robust quality and reasonable price are the right things for you, aren't they?

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