7 Reasons Why Retailers Need Mobile ERP

Rapidly growing technologies and omnipresent mobile devices are calling on retailers to revise the whole process of sale and pay proper attention to the adoption of online selling instead of a conventional one. Retailers need a handy versatile environment to make the most of these innovations. Retailers are required to satisfy customers by providing adequate conditions for them to be aware of store information or share shopping experience. They had to come up with an idea that would integrate both virtual commerce and personal approach when dealing with regular walk-in customers. Relying on the fact that modern consumers perform all available actions via their mobile gadgets, mobile ERP is a perfect fit both for retailers and for their customers.

It’s common practice when retailers fail to please their clients to the full extent. For example, when customers shop through their mobile phones and they want to select among the displayed products, the website should be able to tell them whether an item they are interested in is in stock or not. Moreover, if they buy items online, they should be guaranteed to be able to come and pick it up at the store. There’s another example. When customers don’t find the desired item of their size/color, a retailer should be prone to order this item specially for them and get it shipped to their house free of charge. But there is a way to avoid such disagreeable situations.

There are several reasons why retailers need to introduce mobile ERP into their business:

1. Defining a strategy and setting goals

Mobile ERP allows to define major strategies and foreground tasks of a company, thus, creating necessary conditions for attaining business goals. Having scrutinized company’s merchandise, financial and corporate goals, it is easier to come up with an elaborated plan and be ready to meet customer growing demand.

  • Mobile ERP facilitates the process of tracing customer behavior, their product preference, which helps to figure out a more advantageous product placement strategy.
  • Mobile ERP modifies space planning in the store, in the catalog or online.
  • Mobile ERP enables to elaborate successful marketing plans.
  • Mobile ERP provides innovative software that combines manufacturing side of a business, sales component and resource planning, being able to predict and upgrade planning.

2. Mastering a supply chain

Mobile ERP ensures better supply chain management and more stable and favorable stock level. It allows to accommodate the demands of customers as it is now possible to select a better supplier, control allocation and provide a sound distribution network. Moreover, it has become feasible to prevent business from under stocking or overstocking by forecasting expected customer demand.

  • Mobile ERP controls sustainable inventory levels by considering supply and demand characteristics of each product.
  • Mobile ERP makes warehouse operations easier by introducing virtual innovations.
  • Mobile ERP is able to handle distribution, transportation and shipment.
  • Mobile ERP advances execution of order.
  • Mobile ERP adjusts product distribution by taking automated orders conveying information about the quantity of a product and the data of its shipment.

3. Enhancing customer care

Making it possible to provide customers with online solutions, mobile ERP can guarantee steady growth and increasing competitiveness of a company. Retailers now have a unique opportunity to offer their clients to place orders online, select items, purchase them, make payments and return items if necessary.

  • Mobile ERP helps to stay connected to customers and thus reach company goals faster and more efficiently.
  • Mobile ERP’s centralized data enables retailers to better customer visibility and have advanced round-the-clock access to marketplace commerce.
  • Mobile ERP increase customer loyalty by providing a wider range of shopping choices, such as pre-order, return and in-store pickup.
  • Mobile ERP’s sound search engines facilitate the process of finding and purchasing items online.

4. Using operations to their best advantage and amending customer experience

Due to the fact that mobile ERP ensures unobstructed access to product information, employees can improve their service and provide an individual approach to each customer. With mobile ERP it has become possible to satisfy personal customer requirements and help them rationally spend their time and money.

  • Mobile ERP gives an all-round view of customers’ profiles.
  • Mobile ERP provides better information indispensable for selling inventory.
  • Mobile ERP helps to diminish queues, arrange schedules, and share duties.
  • Mobile ERP makes it easy to trace order history, make relevant offers and stimulate customers to greater purchasing.

5. Managing business and financials

With mobile ERP solution a company benefits from exhaustive information about business management, in-store activities, product details, order histories, and financial data. This innovation helps to come up with the most appropriate solutions to make the most effective use of your business.

  • Mobile ERP continuously controls the process of updating and disseminating of information across an enterprise.
  • Mobile ERP allows to be aware of the latest alterations in inventory and financial adjustment.
  • Mobile ERP software assists company personnel in selecting and filtering of information concerning specific details of order or date.
  • Mobile ERP allows as well to follow sales flow during the day.

6. Adopting marketing software and sales offers via emails

  • Mobile ERP helps a retailer to turn customers’ birthdays and other momentous events to their best advantage.
  • Mobile ERP is able to forward automated messages containing suggestions to spend a customer’s special day at the store.
  • Mobile ERP software is also tailored to send emails informing about forthcoming sales and clearances.

7. Going mobile

  • Statistics says that 73% of mobile users prefer to shop online using their mobile device. Women are more inclined to purchase online as they can multitask and save time. However, men are also eager to use their phones to shop as they don’t have to go through manifold items presented at the store.
  • Mobile ERP software can boast of providing up-to-date information. It makes it possible for potential or real clients to access fresh data whenever they need. The research shows that 72% say they find out the location of a store via their mobile device, 66% surf the Internet to compare prices and 58% learn about product information on their mobile*.

*The official source of the statistic data: www.mediapost.com.

There is no denying the fact that mobile technologies conquer more and more businesses nowadays. People gladly let mobile innovations facilitate their life, safe their time and efforts. Among these people are both clients and a company’s team members who can make a business flourish or languish. In the modern fast-paced world and unstable economic environment the opportunity of mobile ERP adoption in the workplace is indispensable and self-evident.

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