Trakher Period Tracking App

Type: Mobile development

Requirements: The customer wanted an application for smartphones and tablets to help men to track wife or girlfriends monthly menstrual cycle in a veiled manner with the use of sports terminology.

Challenge: The application should be arranged as sports-themed calendar, to keep track discretely of a woman’s mood or emotions. This information is advantageous when planning a romantic vacation or to help explain mood swings throughout the month. All of the stages of a woman’s cycle should be coded in sport terms. The moods of the month would reflect different events of the sport season and end with the major event.

User will also be able to create monthly calendar reminders to notify you a few days before premenstrual syndrome.

Also, application should have paid content – with the full version the user should have access to additional sport themes and the ability to create its own custom themes.

Solution: Elinext developers provided a robust and modern product with using native Android SDK. All required functionality is implemented without any 3rd-party libraries, using native calls only.

Results: The final product of the development is a fully-functional outstanding application for Android smartphones and tablets (with having a special landscape orientation for tablets), with fresh Android 5.0 L Material Design.




Region: Worldwide

Industry: Healthcare

Type: Mobile

Engagement model: Fixed cost

Duration: 10 days

Staff: 1 developer, 1 designer

Platforms: Android