Effective Marketing Strategy to increase Mobile App Sales

Marina Astapchik
IT Trends Research Specialist
January 14, 2015

The world has become obsessed with smartphones and tablets and in the very raggle-taggle crowd of people you will hardly notice a human being not immersed in the great variety of mobile apps of different kinds.

Every day and every hour a birth to a new mobile app is given. But not all of them will stay alive for a long time but will end their lifespan unrecognized and will turn out to be a commercial failure.

So what are the components of the mobile app commercial success?

First, as the mobile application is a product and, it goes without saying, that any product will not sell itself – a proper well-thought marketing campaign comes to the first place here. If your mobile app is brilliant but does not sell itself, rebuild your marketing strategy.

As an effective marketing campaign requires attention to every detail, let`s review every tiny peculiarity that may help to increase mobile app sales.

1. Make sure you know your target audience and build your campaign in accordance with TA likes, dislikes and preferences. Dispose the most important features for your TA at the first place; omit the things that may be of no interest. During the whole campaign keep contact, analyze feedback, reviews and be at the very place to respond to their questions and doubts. Their interest can be maintained even after with special deals, coupons and push notifications.

2. Make sure you have testimonials and commitments. How to get them?

Start with attending events where your TA gathers, show them a presentation or a video about your app, teach them, make them want to download your app. Most of the apps do not come into broad use because it is not a piece of cake to make out how they work. Make it easy for TA to immerse into your app and testimonials and commitments are in your pocket.

Another good way to be spoken or written about is to ask bloggers write about your app. You can also turn to reviews sites like App Safari, App Shopper and Touch Arcade. They are visited by thousands of mobile app users who strongly rely on these respective sites reviews.

3. Make sure your ads are not too complicated. The language of tech gurus and the language of common users is not the same thing. Make sure your ad speaks the language of your TA in other case your app will be incomprehensible and, thus, not sought after.

4. Analyze your marketing campaign during the whole marketing journey. From the very launch to the very end of your campaign give due attention to analytics. What features have turned out to be the most appealing for your TA? What sites, blogs have turned out to be more fruitful than the others? Be flexible and change components of your campaign depending on the results of analytics. Use software analytics programs as they will save you time and money.

5. If all said above has not helped, analyze price, design and logo. They are the key elements TA pays attention to. If you have not tested your app before it was launched, do it now. Create A/B testing pages for your mobile app design, price and logo and see what will be the most clickable one. Change these elements until it is not too late.

Secondly, the effective marketing campaign for any web product is inextricably linked with Search Engine Optimization. Whether your mobile app will be found or not fully depends on the results of search engines. Make sure you included necessary meta tags and keywords in your mobile app for SE to find your app in no time, make sure your app articles contain those keywords too, take into consideration all prerequisites for good SEO and your mobile app sales will skyrocket.

The market of mobile apps today is like a battle field where only the strongest and the best one survive. It is no longer a matter of the brilliant idea that will be embodied in your mobile app, but also of a brilliant marketing campaign that is a tremendous part of the mobile app commercial success. And if your mobile app development process or sales leave much to be desired, check every detail of your marketing campaign, change what is to be changed, add what is to be added. And it will definitely help.

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