Advantages of Cloud Computing for Software Developers

– Immediate availability
– Unlimited scalability
– Dramatic cost savings

Cloud allows better building, testing, and deploying software.

Many companies have already adopted cloud technologies to support their development processes.

Contemporary software developers have to face a number of new challenges.

1. Much shorter schedules
2. Lower budgets
3. Complex development environments with dozens of elaborate technologies for development, QA, and deployment
4. Rigorous security requirements
5. Contemporary development teams often consist of geographically distant individuals
6. Today`s development methodologies often require highly iterative approaches, take Agile SCRUM, for example
7. Finally, the IT industry of today is far from using standard practices, to say the least. Ad hoc management and local peculiarities plague the IT landscape.

It is in these circumstances that developers are turning to their IT departments for help. Previously, when IT infrastructure mainly consisted of physical resources, solutions were not found easily due to lack of budget, backlog, and resource scarcity.

Advantages of cloud computing

  • Scalability and elasticity of cloud computing help solve the following problems of older IT departments
  • Highly variable workloads
  • Multiple platform choices
  • Most custom software development projects are unique in many ways including scope, budget, resources, teams, lifecycle, etc.
  • Instant access
  • Whatever your workload may be, one thing is sure – you will have your resources correctly and immediately
  • Large resources for a short time
  • From time to time every software developer needs highly productive resources for short term tasks
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