Document Management System for Clinical Trials

A SaaS solution for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies that streamlines clinical trials management

Real-time Data Insights of Machines Performance

This solution represents an industrial SaaS offering operational data and diverse insights directly from a variety of machines at a modern plant.

Advanced Insurance CRM system

Elinext created a SaaS CRM system with a number of advanced tools and options for banks, financial institutions, brokers and dealers. The system can be integrated with the existing customers’ software and allows to track client data.

Training Solution for Fire Departments

The solution for fire brigades helping to plan and execute their training efficiently while adhering to legal objectives and cantonal guidelines.

THK Dating App

THK is a dating mobile app that allows users to make acquaintances and communicate.

3-tier ERP and Payment Processing Solution

The ERP system for tracking transactions and objects related to them, client and administrative web applications.

EdQuants. Education Software

A web portal that automates the process of working with documents and analyzes teaching effectiveness at schools.

Wallpainters Web App is an interactive website where people can share their thoughts or show their drawings on a digital wall of 155 km length.

Web Application for ICO Investments and Management

A solution for ICO management which allows investors to participate in the initial coin offering campaign in a fast and convenient manner.

Payment processing solution for restaurants

A tablet empowered by a corresponding application with a built-in system for accepting payments via credit cards and an administration system for a venue to manage this whole system.