Advanced Insurance CRM system

Elinext created a SaaS CRM system with a number of advanced tools and options for banks, financial institutions, brokers and dealers. The system can be integrated with the existing customers’ software and allows to track client data.

Training Solution for Fire Departments

The solution for fire brigades helping to plan and execute their training efficiently while adhering to legal objectives and cantonal guidelines.

EdQuants. Education Software

A web portal that automates the process of working with documents and analyzes teaching effectiveness at schools.


The website for the charitable organization Tuttidare was designed to bring together donors, volunteers, nonprofits, businesses and merchants.

FX Grant

FX Grant is a platform for Forex traders with different levels of experience.

Hashtag Barometer

Hashtag Barometer is a social website for marketing research and promotion. The solution helps to track the number of hashtags posted in real time and organize social challenges to promote any website.