Trip Recommendation Portal for North Sea Area Tour Provider

A case study for travel industry featuring web development of the custom solution for travel recommendation platform in the North Sea area, Germany.

Wallpainters Web App is an interactive website where people can share their thoughts or show their drawings on a digital wall of 155 km length.

Xgrades e-Learning Platform

Web-based e-Learning service for watching tutorial videos, passing thematic quizzes and gain assessments afterwards.

Samsung Smart TV App

KartinaTV is a mobile app for watching videos and TV programs using KartinaTV IPTV service. KartinaTV app allows to watch not only live channels, but also prerecorded videos.

Flower Monitoring Tool

Flower Monitoring Tool Web monitors the health of plants, providing useful predictions about the care of flowers as well as an access to the database of their origins, photos, basic requirements.

GoldStar WordPress Plugin

GoldStar WordPress plugin helps blog and website owners to extend their website capabilities.

LoanGarage Crowdfunding Platform

LoanGarage is a web-based system which provides secure and safe way for connecting borrowers to lenders.

LiveSV Mobile Optimized Website

LiveSV is a large mobile optimized ecosystem providing update information about cultural life in silicon Valley.

Rescue Game Web

Rescue Game simulates evacuation of people from the dangerous floor as soon as possible.