Real-time Data Insights of Machines Performance

This solution represents an industrial SaaS offering operational data and diverse insights directly from a variety of machines at a modern plant.

Website Translation Platform for Global Localization Provider

OneLink is the advanced cloud-based website localization solution aiming to facilitate translators’ work and reduce IT involvement in the website localization process.

AI-Powered Network Monitoring Software for a Global Supplier of Telecom Infrastructure Solutions

A huge project with a history of more than 10 years and thousands of telecom companies as end-customers from all over the world. It’s a complex infrastructure management and network monitoring solution.

Tripwolf Travel Guide

Tripwolf is a travel guide for the most popular destinations all over the globe with offline maps.

IoT Application for Controlling Drones

Elinext was contacted by the French startup that needed an application intended for controlling mini-drones produced by the company from the mobile device.

Personalized Lighting Control System

A personalized wireless lighting control system based on CSRMesh network adjustable to user’s behavior and preferences.

Secure Messenger App and Supplementary Android-Based Operational System

Project Background Elinext was contacted by the German customer headquartered in Munich who was interested in the development of a messenger with the highest levels of security and encryption possible. Requirements What our customer needed was some sort of app that would provide a protected untraceable connection channel. Basically, it was a task for a … Continued

Car Audio System Environment

The development of an environment for the system, including core system applications and the redesign of 3rd party applications to catch up with the new environment needs.

Ariel “Deep Down Cleaning” Interactive Game

Deep Down Cleaning is created for in-store promotion of the new P&G’s Ariel with Micro Boosters.

SENTRON Knowledge Interface

SENTRON is your private navigator in the world of modern devices by scanning barcodes and QR codes.