The Current State of Machine Learning in Design

How machine learning contributes to design and how pervasive it is? Elinext developer, Dmitry Plavinsky, shares his vision on the impact of ML to design in a brief yet comprehensive interview.   — Dmitry, could you tell me in a couple of sentences, what contributed to the adoption of machine learning by designers? — For … Continued

Kotlin vs. Java: Which is the Better Option for Android App Development?

In the near future, Kotlin could become the new standard for Android development, paving the way for growing popularity among Android app developers and the global community of software providers. With the support of JetBrains and Google, Kotlin was declared the official Android development language for Android studio in May 2019.  Despite this almost unconditional … Continued

Top 4 Programming Languages for IoT (and the Salaries They Bring)

Even if IoT (the Internet of Things) might be considered as a relatively new domain, little by little, we are getting familiar with smart devices. It’s all about human nature: we get used to everything. Anyway, it’s still funny: could you imagine, say, ten years ago having a home appliance that can regulate its performance? Back … Continued