There is hardly any company that is not aimed at advancing its product development process and minimizing time to market. Software product development process implies the deployment of a set of features tailored to meet certain needs of a specific market segment. Software product development solution allows companies to introduce considerable advantages into their business, obtain significant results and make substantial advances. Companies are now able to noticeably improve and add to their time to market, quality, expenses, productivity, and other business drivers. Reliable software product development company can guarantee complete customization and quick and smooth market entry.

Any company that wants to take the lead in today’s contradictory and hazardous economic environment has to focus on several core aspects. Products must be developed not to fit in with a certain business issue; they should rather meet various market needs. More advanced levels of collaboration, as well as trustworthy partnership and mutual engagement, can guarantee successful product development. Software product development requires full concentration on the design and architecture elaborated in order to provide mainstream functionality and ensure flexibility for a great number of usage scenarios. This would also provide for the possibility to configure manifold successive product generations.


When skillfully executed, the software product development process can bring in quite a number of tangible alterations and positive results for a company. Among them are:

  • Improved productivity
  • Secured quality assurance
  • Decreased costs expended on software development and maintenance
  • Reduced workforce
  • Decreased time to market
  • Multiplied possibilities to enter new markets faster
  • Simplified and less time-consuming process of searching for details about previously developed products
  • Enlarged resources directed to fundamental business procedures
  • Received opportunity to march in step with innovation

Today’s changeable business climate induces organizations to stand out by augmenting sustainable competitive advantages in introducing new features and functions, and providing new updates. Thus, applying continuous efforts companies manage to satisfy and retain their clients. The only way these companies can enhance their engineering proficiency and meet their goals without making excessive outlays for personnel costs is by cooperating with Elinext Group that can offer a wide range of product engineering capabilities.

Product development process

Elinext Group is experienced in all the stages of software product development chain:

  • Implementing concepts and putting ideas into practice: Elinext analyst team adopts ideas to make profitable products, provides our customers with the development pipeline, allocates the necessary resources, makes risk assessment, and sets project estimation
  • Compliance with client’s requirements: we always take into consideration industry specific features and our customers’ business needs and always ready to sign NDA
  • Product creation process: usually the English speaking dedicated team is involved into product development process that is under control on each development phase
  • Testing and quality assurance confirmation: at this stage we complete product testing to approve the readinessfor its mass-market release
  • Product maintenance: with our Client Support Services it’s easy to support the released product.

Ultimate transparency and productivity are attributable to the constant applying of available tools and processes, thus, making Elinext Group a missing supplement to a company on its way to success. It allows its customers to be involved in the development process on each stage (from product architecture and design to product testing). Thereby, clients are in the position to assign costs and establish stable equilibrium between emerging and existing products. Elinext Group makes sure each client has up-to-the-minute information and is aware of any introduced changes in order to be able to make quick decisions if necessary.

Having introduced a number of software products to the market, Elinext Group has learned to differentiate what works well on this or that stage and what is better to avoid. We do realize that timely and skillfully executed software product releases assign a challenging task to a company’s software engineering partner. Elinext Group is always ready to take on new tasks and face new challenges.

What are the core principles of your software product development working procedure?

The core principles of our software product development working procedure are to satisfy our clients’ requirements, accomplish the task quickly and competently. The latter implies reduced time to market and a high quality software product that would make our clients stand out in the market and their business flourish.

Are there any ways to keep costs on my project low?

There are several tips one can follow to avoid over expenditure. They include:
Explicitly expound requirements to the project, since this is the most important phase that determines the following process of software product development.
Avoid introducing useless modifications. Provided there is a sound version of software agreed upon with developers, it is highly recommended to refrain from any alterations unless it is absolutely vital.
Refrain from setting deadlines. Conscientious developers always put clients in control of the situation and provide approximate time left to accomplish the task. Excessive hurrying can not only entail unnecessary expenses, but also affect the quality of a final product. Moreover, the whole process of software product development integrates a number of specialists who need to coordinate their actions and work as a team.

What does quality assurance imply in the framework of software product development process?

In the framework of software product development process quality assurance implies that software applications correspond to the desired requirements and meet all clients’ needs. It also means that software is reliable and performs faultlessly. It goes without saying that it should have clear and simple interface, and be able to extend and satisfy future demands.

What are possible drawbacks that might occur in a software product?

Indeed, there are some shortcomings that can be revealed afterwards. However, this is a normal and vital side of the software product development process which, if dealt with skillfully, mitigates possible inconvenience. Thus, among possible risks are:
Application does not operate properly
Expenses exceed original budget
System is not irreproachable and causes difficulties while using
Application does not meet user’s requirements.

Is there a way to avoid or at least take the edge off these situations?

Certainly, there is. One of the objectives of software product developers is to foresee these risks, be aware of them from the beginning, work out effective measures and come to a positive outcome. There is always a plan where all possible drawbacks, as well as their elimination, are described. When all risks are determined and solutions are cited to balance them, there is no need to revise the budget halfway and resort to unforeseen expenses.

What is a client expected to do to contribute to the project?

It is always advisable for a client to be involved, stay close to the project, be available and open for communication. It is a common belief that once a plan begins to take its shape, managers can step aside and take little part in the process. But even in case when there are no evident complications or obstacles, there are always small things that need to be talked over. So when developers have constant interaction with their clients, common belief that once a plan begins to take its shape, managers can step aside and take little part in the process. Buteven in case when there are no evident complications or obstacles, there are always small things that need to be talked over. So when developers have constant interaction with their clients, they are more likely to get excellent product in the end.

Is it possible to see what clients you have already worked with and their feedback?

Certainly. Elinext Group has hands-on experience in working with manifold companies. To take a look at our clients and what opinion they have of our company, please click here. You are also welcome to check out our Case Studies.