Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) software is being chosen by thousands of companies around the world. If you represent one of them, Elinext will not stay aside from your needs and provide your business with high-quality technical services for Salesforce software products.

We guarantee you that Salesforce software-related services from Elinext will smoothly stream just right into your business culture.

Elinext’s team consists of:

  • сertified Salesforce developers,
  • certified Salesforce administrators,
  • certified Salesforce consultants,
  • certified Salesforce advanced developers.

They are aware of the highest Salesforce standards as well as have expertise in Salesforce software development projectsright at Salesforce in the U.S. This is the very prerequisite how to make your Salesforce software run smoothly, let you capitalize on your activities and simply deliver you the right business insights.

Why Elinext for Salesforce software services?

Elinext’s certified Salesforce specialists have accumulated robust practice in the implementation of numerous Salesforce projects including those of large scale with >500 users.

Our Salesforce certified developers, admins, and consultants have enough agile skills to bring you tangible advantages:

  • APEX/Visualforce/Lightning technology expertise
  • JavaScript, UX design
  • Systems Integration (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Intuit, Atlassian and more)
  • Data Migration
  • Salesforce CRM/Service Cloud/Marketing Cloud custom development and customization
  • Existing Salesforce implementations support.


Elinext’s certified Salesforce developers, consultants and admins will power your business with all kinds of smart Salesforce-related solutions. Whether you need us just to take care of existing Salesforce software, or to develop a new Salesforce product.

Salesforce CRM implementation

We’ll intelligently deploy your Salesforce CRM system with its smooth integration with 3d party services. We’ll identify challenges of your Salesforce software as well as offer you the right priorities.Our responsible approach to Salesforce CRM implementation generally includes:

  • Requirements gathering, project blue-print preparation, project planning
  • Data migration
  • Personalized customization
  • Smart custom development
  • Careful integration with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Atlassian, QuickBooks, PayPal, Google, etc.
  • Training for end-users and administrators

Salesforce CRM/Service Cloud/Marketing Cloud custom development and customization

In Elinext, our certified Salesforce developers will develop you responsive Salesforce products that anticipate your business needs and deliver exceptional experience to your clients.

  • Custom objects/layouts configuration
  • Workflow rules, Visual Workflow, Approval Workflow
  • Email templates configuration
  • APEX development (custom triggers, web-services, batch-jobs, Email services). Unit test coverage 100%
  • Visualforce development, Sites configuration, Communities setup, Salesforce Lightning, Mobile-ready apps development
  • Profiles, Sharing rules, Permission Sets

Product development on platform and Salesforce1

Elinext is ready to bring you flexibility and control over all of your apps on a single platform – and Salesforce 1.

  • Cloud solutions development to publish via AppExchange
  • Canvas apps development to integrate existing web-apps into Salesforce
  • Hybrid solutions design and implementation with components on .Net (Azure), Java (Heroku, OpenShift), PHP (Heroku)
  • Agile development process setup with Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Agile, Bamboo
  • Salesforce security review process

Could you tell us about Elinext’s Salesforce-related mastery and skills?

In Elinext, we do worry about our company’s good name. That is why we always run projects in spheres where we have solid expertise. Salesforce software services are not an exception to the rule. Our team of certified Salesforce developers, consultants and administrators have taken part in projects directly at Salesforce in the United States.

Please, describe your team of Salesforce specialists.

Our team includes certified Salesforce developers, admins and consultants. Going into details, our certified Salesforce developers are skilled to build custom applications.
There are also certified Salesforce advanced developers. They know everything about code and create Apex triggers, custom Visualforce controllers, and integrate with external systems, migrate metadata and create unit tests. Certified Salesforce administrators are in charge of configuration and management of sales and service cloud apps, building report, dashboards and workflows.
Certified Salesforce consultants are involved into business consulting, requirements management, administration and declarative development, testing, and training.

Would you give us an example of your project with Salesforce software?

It was a great honor to cooperate with one of the largest medical technology companies in the USA. At the output of the project, our customer got a web-based solution for internal project management with a number of effective tools (online e-store and enriched portal for customers and healthcare professionals, enhanced multi-position rich product catalog, deals and offers, discount coupons, etc.).

What are the tangible advantages of Salesforce-related product and services by Elinext?

 To begin with, Elinext’s Salesforce specialists are certified, i.e. we guarantee proven quality.
 24/7 support
 Personnel training
 Industry-specific services
 Your maximum ROI
 Actually, we simply supercharge your business with maximal results.