In your business, you know the importance of delivering excellent support services; wherein the Help Desk services provides a central point of contact for customers or employees to submit service requests. Since 1997  Elinext has been developing software for organizations of all sizes and now we are ready to present an easy to use and reliable IT help desk system.

Elinext Help Desk can be distributed as an individual product or as a part of CRM/ERP software where it takes over the responsibilities of support customers and employees. It can boost company’s productivity in such fields as Finances (E-commerce, banks, sales); Telecommunications (Mobile operators); Healthcare Information; Technology (Hosting service providers) and others.

The Help Desk solution from Elinext can solve your support issues, assisting end users/customers by resolving their submitted requests via the web-based helpdesk software and letting you manage the entire lifecycle of support incidents quickly and efficiently. The solution will help you streamline incident management tasks and maximize your company’s productivity. Key features of Elinext Help Desk allow:

  • View and filter tickets
  • Close tickets
  • Assign tasks
  • Create responses
  • Track the time spent
  • Generate reports

With the Help Desk solution from Elinext you can achieve:

  • Faster time to resolution
  • Higher visibility into the support process
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced client relationships
  • Optimal cost effectiveness


Written in .NET, the Help Desk solution has a user-friendly design and an optimized technology solution that involves extensive capabilities for customization. In accordance with specific customer needs, it can be easily adjusted to satisfy the needs of organizations operating in Financial Services, Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunications, IT, and more.


Elinext Help Desk is not overloaded with tons of confusing options, and provides a great user experience. In addition to the available web version, the system will be available on smart phones and tablets. The mobile version allows to open, close, assign, and even respond to incident tickets right from your mobile device. The system can be hosted in the cloud, giving you more flexibility and agility. So you can manage all your customer requests from anywhere – whether you’re onsite, or on-the-go.

We’ve analyzed great majority of resembling systems and intruded features that are implemented in TOP-10 best help desk solutions. The areas of our technical expertise include:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Service Desk Customization
  • Technical Product Support
  • Customer Support Services
  • Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Providing world class help desk development and support services, we focus on the creation of reliable and predictable help desk solutions that aimed to streamline trouble ticketing, satisfy your employees and customers, and achieve competitive advantage.

Why Help Desk software from Elinext?

Among Elinext fundamental advantages we are ready to introduce the following:

  • We’ve gained rich expertise in the development of Help Desk solutions for solid market players
  • We guarantee customized software development from experienced professionals
  • Our international office location allows us to provide profitable prices.


What is the purpose of a Help Desk software?

A Help Desk solution is an issue tracking system that provides a tool kit to receive, route, respond and report trouble tickets and client support requests. The ticket management system automates support service. A customer or end-user has the possibility to report incident and receive its resolution from service providers with the help of single point of contact on a day-to-day basis. With Elinext Help Desk solution customers know exactly where to go when they need help with their issues and get in touch to receive resolution with any disruptions they are facing.

Is it possible to organize remote access to the Help Desk?

In case you need remote access, a mobile help desk management application will be an appropriate solution. With Mobile Help Desk solution you will be able to keep your service desk queue up to date, manage ticket viewing, make appointments and updates, and respond to requests anywhere at any time with a tap of the finger.

What benefits can a Help Desk system bring to my business?

The first and foremost advantage of a help desk system is to assist users with technical problems, such as troubleshooting network connections or installing and using computer systems. It allows teams to work more efficiently by automating most of the current tasks. Due to a dedicated ticket tracking system and automated email correspondence it's easy to follow all the task processing and maintain continuous communication with service providers and end-users. Their personal history is recorded in the system for future reference when trouble areas can be quickly identified and addressed.

Is Elinext Help Desk difficult to learn?

During the development of the solution our professionals pay special attention to this matter, that's why our help desk is highly intuitive and one of the easiest software applications to learn. With our help desk user guide you will quickly know how to use and adopt the system to your daily workflow.

Do you carry out Quality Assurance procedures (including security testing, performance testing, etc.) for help desk projects?

Yes, we do. QA is a crucial and integral part of the software development process at Elinext .

I have middle-size company and stay in doubt what solution to choose on-premise or cloud-based help desk. What are the main pros and cons?

On the whole, the right choice will be based on your requirements for use, price, and security. There aren't at the moment a strict view at what solution is better: conventional or cloud-based help desk application. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Cloud application is an online service that can be accessed through Internet and is based on third-party servers with outsourced maintenance of hardware. Moving the help desk to the cloud you will be able to obtain significant cost savings and constant system updates. While on-premise help-desk gives companies opportunity to manage and protect the maintenance of servers and hardware by internal staff teams. When using on-site system you are able to make single payment, whereas cloud solution implies monthly fee.

Why does my company needs Elinext Group Help Desk?

Elinext help desk software includes a customer self-service portal that allows user to create ticket requests or check on the process of their fulfillment in real time. This tool displays when user issues are being worked on, and raises customer satisfaction and trust. Management can use the Elinext help desk system to run complex reports that illustrate how effectively the support team deals with current stream of requests. With our help desk solution you will be able to provide 24\7 support to your clients, create detailed reports, track your tickets end-to-end, resolve issues quicker due to the history of past similar tickets.

How much budget should I set aside to purchase Elinext Help Desk?

For a detailed breakdown of the different feature sets and price points, please contact us via the contact form on our website.

Where can I get acquainted with the list of your clients?

To get a clearer idea of who our clients are and what they say about us and our services, please click here. You can also feel free to look over our Case Studies.