No doubt, that the company’s workforce is one of the determinative factors of its future success and prosperity. That’s why choosing the best human resource management software is essential for any organization. Elinext Group came up with the design of CV management solution which is a sub system of HR management system. This module makes it possible to simplify and speed up the process of CVs handling and thus creating the base of potential employees.

Recruitment software allows top managers to have an access to personal, employment and emergency contact information of the applicants. Personal information includes full name, gender, nationality, birth date, address. This information is as important for the employer as for government institutions that make sure there is no discrimination in hiring people.


Employment data consist of information on applicant’s education, experience, skills. Emergency contact information is a critical moment as well. These data must be specified so that there is a possibility to contact relatives or friends in case an accident happens. In whole, it’s a challenge to manage all the CVs and to find the person most suitable for the vacancy. So our highly professional staff use recruiting technology to find the most qualified people for the opening and to arrange interviews with them.

With resume management software from Elinext Group, you don’t have to worry about tackling basic, mundane administrative tasks. You can focus on running your business while this highly capable module is revving your company up.


Elinext is a successful provider of intelligent business solutions. The software developed by our professionals is primed to help you gain improved and more accurate business decision making, eliminate the complexity of data, reduce costs and maintain complete control over your business. You won’t regret investing in our software as it will allow you to get the quickest and the best business outcome.

How can Elinext help your business?

Elinext can deliver innovative, affordable and sensible solution which will optimize profitability of your organization. CV management system designed by Elinext Group will help select those applicants who later will become one of the strongest, most valuable and competitive assets of your organization. Our customers will be able to enjoy:

  • Adaptable software
  • Reduced operational costs and manual activities
  • Immediate access to the needed information
  • Streamlined back-office processes
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased profitability and competitiveness of the company.

CV Management or Applicant Tracking System may include the following features and functions to serve your business goals and HR-department:

  • Centralized data storage of application forms and job seekers’ contact information;
  • Multilingual solution that integrates with corporate web site, Internet resources or your ERP system;
  • The opportunity to register to a job alert;
  • Search for job postings by professional skills, industry specifications, location among resume files Word or PDF;
  • Constantly updated database of current online resumes;
  • Automated candidate evaluation and ranking with special filter.

Why choose Elinext?

Some compelling reasons are:

  • Elinext Group has 10 years’ ERP experience
  • Our company was created to meet the unique requirements of every customer
  • We devote close attention to our clients, value and implement their ideas
  • Our software is user-friendly
  • It provides deep functionality.


What is HR management system?

Human resources management system is software that is developed to provide personnel and organization information such as payroll, training, recruiting, performance, benefits, time and attendance, leave. These modules enable you to attract, preserve, strengthen and use those crucial skills and knowledge that will lead your company to unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency.

How much time and money can my company save by implementing CV management solutions by Elinext Group?

Our company guarantees on the average 50% reduction in time and 60% cut in transaction costs. Besides that our customers are delighted at 100 percent return on investment during a year.

What is the cost of HR management system by Elinext Group?

The cost depends on each specific project. Our software is an affordable one. As a rule, prices established at Elinext Group are 10% to 30% below our competitors due to international office location.

How long will it take to implement HRMS?

Our software has been developed for fast and cost-effective implementation. We focus on delivering it as rapidly as possible and usually this process takes from 6 to 12 weeks.

Is HR management system secure?

Absolutely. Deciding on who will be able to use Elinext Group HRMS, what information these people will have access to and how they will use it further on is a part of implementation plan. You can control a user’s access to the data and put restrictions. Thus reliable and secure data access is provided.

Is any additional training necessary to implement and use HRMS?

Our professionals developed a module with a user-friendly interface so generally there is no need for any additional training. Still, if our customer is interested, we offer a customer service support line.

Do I need to hire more employees?

No. HRMS was designed to reduce manual paperwork which is rather time consuming. With all the processes being automated, you will need even fewer staff. In case if you don’t want to dismiss your personnel, they can work on more important aspects of their positions. That will also bring benefit to your company.

Will HRMS by Elinext take specific requirements of my organization into account?

Yes. We don’t stick to “one size fits all” policy. Our software is customized and meets all your business demands.