Application for Sentiment Voice Analysis

Project Background Elinext was contacted by a large call-center and was asked to build an emotion detection software that could recognize emotions in speech. The client wanted to get an application that: Would allow call-center operators to automatically detect emotions of callers and then act accordingly. For example, to direct calls of angry clients to … Continued

Document Management System for Clinical Trials

A SaaS solution for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies that streamlines clinical trials management

Marketing App for Bars and Restaurants

The promotion platform for bars and restaurants in Germany that allows visitors to get one free welcome drink a day in one of the places listed in the app.

Online Used Cars Auction Platform

A web platform featuring regular auto auctions and post-auction order processing for B2B clients.

Customer Service Chatbot for a US-based Hotel

A virtual assistant to the customer service department which answers typical questions and greatly reduces the efforts of the support team.

Automated Testing of Online Website Translation Platform

Elinext Ongoing QA & Testing of Award-winning Website Localization Software.

AI-powered Network Monitoring Software for a Global Supplier of Telecom Infrastructure Solutions

A huge project with a history of more than 10 years and thousands of telecom companies as end-customers from all over the world. It’s a complex infrastructure management and network monitoring solution.

Advanced Insurance CRM system

Elinext created a SaaS CRM system with a number of advanced tools and options for banks, financial institutions, brokers and dealers. The system can be integrated with the existing customers’ software and allows to track client data.

EdQuants. Education Software

A web portal that automates the process of working with documents and analyzes teaching effectiveness at schools.

Poshberry Flight Ticket Booking

Poshberry is a company that provides a wide range of services for luxury travel industry. The developed website is a convenient way to book first class tickets for the best price.