What Does Research and Development – R&D Mean? Many companies choose to carry out investigative activities, which may result in the improvement of the existing products or procedures along with the development of new products or procedures. Research and development is one of the ways by which a company can achieve sustainability and further growth. While R&D is often associated with hi-tech companies at the edge of innovations, any business can benefit from investments into the improvement of old products or processes. Besides, R&D expenses count as operating expenses that can be deducted on the business tax return.

In Elinext Group we are deeply convinced that research and development is crucial to long term success of any company. All market leaders reinvest certain percent of their profits into R&D as they see this as an investment into their continual growth. During harsh times, however, some may be tempted to cut down the expenses on the innovative development, which can result in a short term relief leading to bigger problems in strategic perspective.

Importance of R&D

When economy goes through recession it may seem like a good call to save some money by cutting down R&D expenses. However, after economy has gone down, it usually comes up and in this situation profit chooses those companies that are ready to present new products and services. More so, a company with a sound R&D expenses is usually perceived as more inclined to sustainable growth.

Dedicated R&D with Elinext Group

  • Elinext Group is proud to have an average attrition rate less than 9%
  • Elinext Group offers mixed (Belarus + Vietnam) dedicated teams of professionals
  • As with any outsourcing, you pay only for the resources with no expenses on hardware, HR, etc.
  • Cut costs from your R&D budget