Trip Recommendation Portal for North Sea Area Tour Provider

A case study for travel industry featuring web development of the custom solution for travel recommendation platform in the North Sea area, Germany.

Customer Service Chatbot for a US-based Hotel

A virtual assistant to the customer service department which answers typical questions and greatly reduces the efforts of the support team.

Poshberry Flight Ticket Booking

Poshberry is a company that provides a wide range of services for luxury travel industry. The developed website is a convenient way to book first class tickets for the best price.

Tripwolf Travel Guide

Tripwolf is a travel guide for the most popular destinations all over the globe with offline maps.

Augmented reality app for public transport users

Our project represents an augmented reality solution targeted at public transport users. The app shows the current transport schedule and an estimated transport arrival time for this particular stop.

IT Integrity Management System

IT integrity management system that continuously verifies infrastructure elements to match the security standards.

LiveSV Mobile Optimized Website

LiveSV is a large mobile optimized ecosystem providing update information about cultural life in silicon Valley.

Premiere Ukraine Tours

It is a guiding website of a full-service Canadian tour operator for tourists wishing to visit Ukraine.

Britain’s Finest and Home Care

Britain’s Finest and Home Care applications were developed to be a guide for citizens and tourists in Great Britain.

Green Atlas

The app can be used by tourists with rising ecological awareness.